International UFO Congress 2011

The International UFO Congress for 2011 is being held this weekend in the Fort McDowell Casino in Fountain Hills, Arizona. A gathering for information pertaining to UFOs, this 20th annual conference is the most exciting conference held so far!
There is an impressive array of activities, speakers and exhibitors at the conference. A featured speaker, Dr. Carol Rosin, founder of the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space, will present a proposal for a treaty to keep space free from weapons. Col. Charles Halt, USAF retired, will speak about his experiences as part of a team investigating the famous Rendlesham Forest incident. The author of UFOs; Myths, Conspiracies & Realities, Dr. John Alexander, US Army retired, is expected to be one of the more popular speakers.
Experiencer Sessions will be held. An individual who has a UFO encounter of interest to share will tell their story; he or she may be an abductee, an investigator or a witness. There is a limit of 50 attendees per session promising an up close and personal event.
On Friday, a Skywatcher evening was enjoyed by all. Led by members of Open Minds, folks were shuttled to a location where the night sky could be observed. An enlightening instruction in searching for unusual and possible UFO activities was conducted by Open Minds.
Each day during the congress, films about UFO topics will be screened free of charge. Viewers will cast their vote for the top film in 3 categories – best UFO short and long film and people’s choice awards. Winners were scheduled to be announced Saturday evening.
2011 is already shaping up to be an exceptional year for UFO sightings! The prestige of the guest speakers and the extensive media coverage are important indicators that believers in UFO activity have become accepted as part of mainstream society. No longer mocked; they are considered experts in the field and are sought out for comment when new sightings occur. Sharing the truth will make everyone believers! (c) 2011

Speakers, experts attract people to UFO conference

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