New video of 2 UFOs following each other over Melbourne, Australia 9-Feb-2011

UFO video 2011 – Two UFOs were recorded flying across the sky over Melbourne, Australia. This footage was taken on Wednesday, 9th February 2011 at 1:40 am.
Witness report: Two ufos’s following each other then seem to flash/communicate too each other??They were moving away from me so i lost them behind the trees the total footage is over 5 min as i was waiting to see if they would fly out from behind the trees but i didn’t see them again, so i cut the footage down to 2:45 seconds.
Author (UFOVaultHD @ youtube)

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  1. I saw exactly the same type of light over Melbourne on either Sunday or Monday night (6th or 7th Feb) going straight from north to south it was pulsating every 3 or 4 seconds. There was no noise, jet/propeller based noise at all…very quiet on a still and clear night. The same brightness as those two lights too.<br /><br />Jason – Aspendale Vic

  2. Red herring. This is undoubtedly 2 satellites tracking across the sky. Classic sat movement. Smooth and consistent movement along the same path. Ufos usually change direction or objects travelling together move relative to each other. Doesn&#39;t someone screen these videos before posting on the internet? cred has dropped a few points 4 me.

  3. They could be a number of things, like the alleged reverse-engineered crafts that the government is supposed to have… What I don’t understand is why people call it fake, based on the stars that appear to move a leave a trail of light. If you’re going to CGI something to pass it as real, wouldn’t you be a bit more careful? In my opinion (as an ex-abductee), it’s nearly impossible to tell what

  4. just seen it last night , I thought it was a satellite, but never seen 2 in formation before. Since when did they have 2 sats. following each other?

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