Possible UFO activity on the sky over Bavaria in Germany 12-Feb-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This video of alleged UFO sighting was recorded in Bavaria in Germany on Saturday, 12th February 2011 around 3 am.
Witness report: When I looked out the window at about 3 o’clock I noticed a strange light above the forrest. So I grabbed my camera and filmed three unknown objects flying to the sky.
Author (h1a1l1l1o @ youtube)

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  1. This is such an amazing video, I love it so much. But the lights didn't disappear at the end of the video, why cut it so short? What happened after they moved up into the sky? I wish these amazing videos could be longer.

  2. I'd say this is fake….check the authors youtube account and see the other types of videos he posts. Obviously into sci-fi and also has some experience with film/video editing. This should be deleted.

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