UFO: Triangle formation was seen and filmed over Elkhart, Indiana 19-Feb-2011

UFO video 2011 – It looks like another footage of unknown lights or orbs in triangle formation was recorded. This was taken in Elkhart, Indiana on Saturday, 19th February 2011.

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  1. starting to think all these triangle sighting's are just lazer's,,,,every day more are being seen around america,,,I dont know,you tell me,?

  2. All this footage on different places this year with the same triangular formation of 3 dots in the sky and which all mimic the same movements, why hasn;t anyone commented on it? every video people are struck by it but why hasn't there been much connection with it all? As of now Colorado's sighting seems to be the only footage that has spread through the media. Any links to connections of

  3. just between you and me, these are not triangle craft, the LIGHTS are in a triangle but if you see one up close its a sphere inside a loop that rotates or “hoola-hoops” around it. the 3 lights forming the “triangle” are mounted on this “hoop”. if seen from a distance your impression is a triangle, if seen in daytime from the side it looks like a “saucer” if seen from the side closer in daytime it may appear to be a sphere. the elliptical rotation of the outer hoop with the lights on it account for the impression it “wobbles” when seen at night from a distance.
    they are NOT aliens. the fact that they have “running lights” at all should tell you even tho they are not standard airplane or helicopter style lights,they ARE man-made lights, to avoid collision with normal air traffic.
    aliens would have no reason to obey FAA guidelines or even know what they were for that matter.
    trust me these are test runs of new propulsion using manipulation of magnetic fields in an experimental type of wankel engine (hense the wobble) using super-conducting materials.they are silent,think of a magnet held aloft by another magnet with matching poles facing each other.
    most of these reports are early tests, they are way more advanced now,faster,more “finished” and mostly contained inside smooth white shells.
    they will not be seen in indiana anymore as testing has moved to the south-west coast of the US.they can easily travel to mid-east with carrier groups and anywhere else they want to go for that matter.
    i did not mention reverse engineering.

    • also, they have gotten so advanced and fast now it’s not possible to have a human passenger, the G-forces would kill you. They now have only drone ones performing the most advanced feats and speeds but they are important militarily because they can deliver warheads worldwide in less than a minute and easily strike down incoming targets moving at such slow speeds as used in ICBM’s and any other types of rocket propelled weapons,or fleets of them can take out hundreds of jet aircraft using muli-tracking co-operative technology that uses input from aircraft carriers, satellites , other aircraft including helmet views , flir and joins all the data into one big picture of highly accurate “eye-in-the-sky” targeting that is impossible to undermine in present day technology.

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