Unknown object was seen and recorded over Lehigh Acres in Florida 9-Feb-2011

UFO videos 2011 – This unknown U-shaped object was recorded hovering in the sky over Lehigh Acres in Florida on Wednesday, 9th February 2011.
I get a lot of reports lately on my email about similar UFO sightings from all over the world. Any theory?

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  1. me and my buddy saw something really similar to this one morning when we were driving down to north carolina to drop his sister off for marine boot camp. we were driving down I-64 and saw this bright greenish/yellow orb-like craft appear out of thin air and hover for a few seconds before it shot off into the distance.

  2. It´s hard to give an opinion about this green object because there´s not a reference point like a tree, a forest, a house etc.etc. I have an illustrated ufos manual that shows a lot of objects, and there is one with the same shape. If it isn´t fake congratulations for the video.

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