Footage of UFO activity over Montreal, Canada 2-Mar-2011

Latest UFO sightings – Strange UFO activity was seen and recorded in the night sky over Montreal in Canada. This video was taken on Wednesday, 2nd March 2011.
Witness report: Mother UFO and many others in Montreal March 2 2011
First when I see it, I believe that was a light, but it wasn’t’ fuckin’ bright and bleu after turn white and slowly go away… Many UFO’s beside of it!
Author (iannickmerette @ youtube)

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  1. What the fuck kind of UFO video is this? <br /><br />This site puts more blatant fakes up every day…I might stop coming here seriously.

  2. WTF!?!quit zooming in and out and side to side, it&#39;s annoying. somehting starts to happen and you say &quot;look at that&quot; and THEN YOU MOVE THE CAMERA!! fool!

  3. sorry,I can&#39;t take seriously anyone that uses trailer trash language.Don&#39;t you children realize how uneducated you look &amp; sound ?

  4. ……<br /><br />Federation craft most likely this one..why they keep focusing on Montreal/ontario..left years ago and never been back since…<br /><br />cameras do that, mine could spot a HELO at 1500ft at night at all. its the AF not working.<br /><br />from the still…Centauri fleet and TWO-THREE Larger craft. The blue one is Galactic class, else are transport vessels. Possibly a few more

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