UFOs in triangle formation over Essex in United Kingdom 19-Mar-2011

UFO video 2011 – New footage of uknown bright lights in triangle formation hovering in the night sky over St. Osyth in Essex, UK. This was recorded on Saturday, 19th March 2011.
Witness report: ast night 19th March 2011 was the night of the Super Moon and I was at the end of my garden filming the event. It was about 11pm and freezing cold but it was so light outside and really quite beautiful, looking across the fields and listening to the night wildlife. It was a clear night and there was no wind at all. The video shows the moon filmed through trees. I had my back to the fields at this point, then when I turned to look out over the fields right in front of me was three huge red lights moving across the sky in total silence. I was filming in infa-red at the time and this was when the lights were at their brightest. I switched to normal mode and the lights began to vanish one by one in a clear, cloudless sky.

To be honest this video does’nt do justice to the intensity of the lights when I first saw them, they were huge and red in colour flying in formation coming out from the West. At the time I wanted to watch them, film them, look at them through binoculars, take pictures of them, all at once. At least I captured them on film and you get an idea of what I saw, this upload is darker than it appears on my TV. At the end of the video I filmed a plane coming over so you can see that what I filmed moments before was no aircraft. I am a paranormal researcher, ghosts, big cat sightings, ufos, etc, so this for me was just fantastic.
Author (MoonShadowCove @ Youtube)

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  1. This latest surge in sightings all seem to have alot in common with each other, but seen in different parts of the world. Seems like "they" (visiters, USAF, time travelers, ect…) are trying to make themselves known to us. Or perhaps they simply don't care if we know, it may not alter their agenda. Intentions unclear, all we can do is observe them observing us…

  2. I'll believe when proof other than flashing lights is video'd. I agree that we are visited but these light videos do nothing to prove anything at all …………….

  3. They can be seen all over the planet many day shots have been filmed in south america russia among many open your eyes people you are being manipulated by your goverments seeing is believing do you need one to land on your head they are here.

  4. I have several UFO's hovering outside my house every night for over a month now. We had our first sighting 2 years ago in our horse pasture and they have been increasing in numbers ever since. They show up at dusk and every time they are here there are little white lights in the forest below them. There are also actual objects moving ever so slowly around the bush as well. We have seen at

  5. i saw the same thing over kansas city mo river except instead of taking off to space or whatever ,they landed one bye one i was with with several witness my first time seeing this ,i quickly went home and loaded my guns ,this was a month ago

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