Unknown lights hovering in the sky over Lowell, Massachusetts 11-Mar-2011

UFO video 2011 – This video of unknown lights hovering in the night sky over Lowell, Massachusetts were recorded on Friday, 11th March 2011.

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  1. im from germany. i saw the same 100% the same object in february 1990. it stand in the air for 10 minutes and flew after colorchanging away. my grandfather was witness(policeofficer). when i saw this, it was like a adrenalin kick for me. there where no sounds or something but this is 100% a real U.F.O.

  2. or its not for one if you saw the same in 1990 than its just some edited video using a bit of the 1990 footage. and the 1990 sighting could have been anything. than again it is unidentifiable by myself and it is flying ish and it may be an object

  3. me and my brother saw this thing at the same time last weekend ( saturday night i think ). there was no sound whatsoever, yet it was doing things that no plane i know of could do. neither one of could figure out what the f**k we were looking at. after a few minutes it abruptly took off into the clouds………WTF was that !

  4. I just filmed the same thing last night in Revere Ma only it was 1 and no sound it flew in then just<br />Stopped and hovered for about 5 mins then just disappeared ,

  5. On Dec 27th 2012 my daughter and I saw the same thing. I noticed it after passing Lowell on RT 3 and paid no attention. When I crossed the state line I noticed that the same object had been in view. It looked like a triangle shaped object in the sky. It seems to be following us in the car as we headed down 101A towards Amherst N.H. At one point we were alone on the road and the object was at tree

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