UFO 2011: Triangle formation ober Killeen, Texas – March 2011

UFO sightings 2011 – Unknown lights in triangle formation were recorded hovering in the night sky above Killeen in Texas. This video was taken in March 2011.

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  1. If you adjust contrast you can see it is being done on top of buildings. there are even aircraft tower safety orange lights on the top right of video. Also all the knocking out of theories while filming makes it much more suspicious. Here is a hint, next time you have THAT many lights not moving, get in a car and drive as close to the sight as possible, that may help in all of us getting a real

  2. this is NOT a guessing game we DONT have to have an answer for everything, obviously this can't be explained so take it for what it is! Unidentified Flying Objects! These are the same people who probably think that a volcano melted all the dinosaurs away. or were the dinosaurs robotic creations created as a hoax?! People = cattle!

  3. The ability to comment and give our opinion on what we believe these sightings to be is the whole purpose of this website. Notice how they ask for your &quot;Opinion: Fake or Real?&quot; and provide a &quot;Comments&quot; section directly below.<br /><br />The burden of proof lies with those who think these sightings are unidentifiable. <br /><br />When video taping lights in the sky, you should

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