UFO activity over New Carlisle in Ohio 26-Apr-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – New footage of UFO activity; strange flashing lights in the night sky above New Carlisle, Ohio. This was recorded on Tuesday, 26th April 2011.
Witness report: Strange lights above our plat..not sure what they are.We also live near Wright Patt AirForce Base which is know for having the wrecked UFO from Roswell, NM
Could be a experimental plane even. ???
Author (TheDigitalFX @ youtube)

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  1. Why oh why don't people steady their cameras ?! And the music ? Ugh…And try keeping the object in the middle of the lense. Sheesh 🙁

  2. The people in this video seem genuinely amazed at this sighting(you just don&#39;t put your kids in a UFO hoax video) but I don&#39;t think this is a real UFO for 2 reasons:<br /><br />1. This object simply hovers at high altitude, it doesn&#39;t exhibit any unusual behavior or flight pattern other than maybe a gentle rotation.<br /><br />2. This object is all flash and no substance, it brightly

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