UFO or Orb flying across the sky over Portland in Oregon 3-Apr-2011

UFO video 2011 – New footage of bright unidentified flying object flying across the night sky over Portland in Oregon, USA. This one was taken on Sunday, 3rd April 2011 around 10 pm.

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  1. I live over in st. Johns in portland OR. I was driving home from work and remember seeing that bright light and wondering what it was too. after passing under it though I realized it was just a helicopter over the waterfront closest to Naito pkwy. no ufo this time 🙁

  2. I saw something like this last night (26 June 2011) over Portland. A orangish-reddish glow that seemed to be hovering – much higher than your typical weather helicopter. I also noticed two black parachutes slowly descending from it. This happened just around twilight, and I couldn't get a good view through my binoculars – let alone take a picture. I'm interested to see if anyone else

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