Unknown lights over Rouen, France – April 2011

UFO sightings 2011 – Unknown lights or orbs in triangle formation were recorded flying across the sky over Rouen in France. This video was taken recently in April 2011.

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  1. well i don't speak french but that is a frisbee if your wondering..and the others are stars..Hahaha upstairs for thinking, down stairs for dancing..

  2. common why are those kind of videos always shaky and<br />filmed for seconds if you want to do something interesting be more creative i am fed up with all these bullshit videos

  3. well that&#39;s one of the first ones that i have to actually say WOW. something about it. Though it being a typical triangle shape could very possibly one of ours. and as far as short vids low qauilty, consider this…. do you carry full camerars tripods with you 100% of the time?… probably no, so put yourself in the position of seeing something what do you grab, your phone right,.. most

  4. I have seen this and many objects like this over Ruidoso , a southeast town in new mexico on numerous occasions , on inspection with a telescope they are just exactly like this one differing in colors and intensity of course.<br />After these objects hover for some time, I can hear sonic booms, and suddenly there are black helicopters chasing them , and about 30-40 sonic booms later they are

  5. re: chinese lanterns, so not only is Ukraine importing chinese laterns that float at jet speeds but now france is importing chinese lanterns?! LMAO <br />Re: Frisbee – where can i purchase these hovering frisbees and tell me who can launch these frisbees that high into the air and have 3 stay still while 1 darts away… it IS WHAT IT IS! ACCEPT it and MOVE ON! #denial!

  6. Je confirme le commentaire ci dessus car j&#39;était à Moissac, Tarn&amp;Garonne avec cet ami américain. Vers minuit nous avons vu des lumières oranges par la fenetre et somme sortis. Une série de ces orbes oranges ont traversé le Tarn en face nous et ont tourné vers l&#39;aval et ont continué le long de la rivière jusqu&#39;a disparaitre derrière les arbres. Pas de formation triangulaire. Elles

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