Video of daytime UFO over Westminster Abbey in London, UK – April 2011

Latest UFO sightings – White unknown object was recorded hovering in the daytime cloudless sky over London, UK near Big Ben. This was taken by Dutch tourist in late April 2011, days before Royal Wedding.
UFO researcher George Filer commented that UFOs are often seen during major world events and RAF pilots already report about increasing number of recent sightings in the sky over English Channel.

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  1. This is NOT a recent video! It was originally posted on this site on Monday, April 4th, not &quot;days before the Royal Wedding&quot; as stated above. <br /><br />Do you honestly think this is such a significant world event that UFOs would want to watch? Like some alien intelligence out there just had to see what Kate&#39;s dress looked like!? <br /><br />Ridiculous.

  2. Read the description above the video:<br /><br />&quot;Taken by Dutch tourist in late April 2011, days before Royal Wedding.&quot; <br /><br />Obviously, 25 days would constitute weeks not days, am I wrong? And why post the same video twice?

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