Bright stationary UFO over San Antonio in Texas 5-May-2011

UFO 2011 – New video of unidentified flying object hovering above San Antonio in Texas. This was recorded on Thursday, 5th May 2011.
Witness report: May-05-2011 a huge glowing UFO ORB was filmed traveling over the SouthEast of San Antonio,Texas. As i was Sywatching facing North. I notice a large glowing object that seemed to be traveling S/E Low in altitued.This object was Huge and did not seem to be an aircraft NO FAA navagational Lights were observed.So i grabbed my camcorder for a closer observation, and began filming this unknown object. When zooming in this unknown object appear to be glowing.This object was clearly no aircraft .As you can see on the video this object seems to be emiting some kind of glowing energy.While i was filming unknown began to glow extremely bright.It seemed to be glowing.It took me by surprised,I did not expect to witness something.I pan back to look for some kind of reference point,ended up using the tree tops.You can clearly see this glowing object and its flightpattern’s.. Clearly this glowing object was under some sort of control.Glowing Orb then seemed to Fade Away!!Right in front of us..I was able to film this glowing Orb Fading away… I did not hear any noise coming from this unknown object..Clearly an UNIDENTIFED FLYING OBJECT. This was an awesome sighting due to how this object was emitting a glowing and the size of this object.It seemed to be the size of an aircraft ..This glowing object was clearly no aircraft or satellite..
Author (SAUFOTX @ youtube)

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  1. Despite your assertion that this is not an airplane, I see no reason to believe it is anything but an airplane.

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