Daytime flying saucer over Tennessee, US 3-Aug-2003

LUFOS – Daytime UFO video of dark disc-shaped object flying across the sky over Tennessee in United States. This footage was recorded on 3rd August 2003 and recently posted on mufon website.

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  1. I hope all UFOs continue to move this slowly and without purpose. This one is obviously being controlled by some old lady. <br /><br />Slow down, you might crash into that cloud!

  2. Here&#39;s the interesting report to with this footage:<br /><br />Tennessee – 08-03-03<br /><br />&quot;My son and I were working on his car when I noticed a small obscure object emerging from clouds to my NW.<br /><br />As my son watched the object, I went inside and retrieved binoculars. Upon returning, my son and I were amazed at what we were watching.<br /><br />It was a metallic,

  3. Probably an insect or small spider free-falling. notice how it avoids falling onto some green foliage in the foreground (2.20).

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