Interesting daytime UFO activity above Menorca, Spain Sep-2010

LUFOS – This interesting footage of daytime UFO acivity was recorded in Menorca, Spain in September 2010.
Witness report: I filmed these strange light orbs from the apartment window whilst on holiday in Menorca in September 2010.

The lights seemed to weave in and out of the clouds and move around each other, independently. It was not a reflection and they were very high in the clouds so I zoomed in as far as I could. I started filming and didn’t stop to take snap shots encase I missed it do something during the filming. They seemed to move around each other, up and down and occasionally smaller glittery light flashes appeared around them but I’m not sure if you can see those very clear on the video.

I’ve seen a few strange things in the skies recently and it’s amazing what you see if you look closer, which is why I’ve recently had a big renewed interest in UFO activity.
Author (3rdEye2011 @ youtube)

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  1. Clearly visible that it's some kind of reflex from the place he was filming. Look at the dirt on the window passing by while he was closing in the object… Maybe he made some kind of light behind him and can't focus it to not reveal the truth…

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