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Your UFO reports:  22th May – 28th May 2011
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Lincoln, CA – May 28, 2011

At 4:00am 05/28/11 I woke up to close a bedroom window when I noticed a large grayish white ‘V’ shape object moving east to west. I did not have any lights that I could see and it did not make any noise. I only viewed it for approximately 5-10 seconds before losing sight of it while it move over my house. Commercial airlines frequently pass overhead and they are easily heard and have normal aircraft lights. This object did not have any lights and made no sound. I don’t want to discredit what I saw but I have to say when I turned from the window I saw what I thought was my shadow. It startled me a little but I figured it was my shadow. However, thinking back it stood free from the wall/door to the bedroom. I didn’t have time to take any pictures.

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US 79 N. & TN 54N – 5/24/11

We noticed after 10pm driving home from Covington, TN. Just outside of Brownsville, TN we noticed very bright & strange lights off to the right of the car (passenger side) verry verry bright & in the shape of a triangle. It caught us by surprise .. but what very bizarre is it kept showing up multiple times in multiple almost felt as if we were followed by it.. randommly being seen from the back of the car .. passenger side.. then maybe the drivers side. It started to freak us out. if we would of just saw it that one time outside of brownsville, tn.. we probably wouldn’t of really thought nothing about it..but it repeatedly appeared randomly down the highway as we travelled home.. after we reached greenfield, tn we didn’t see anymore appearences but we were definitely! troubled about it & googled it to try and get answeres to what we saw.. we were unable to get pics because it was so late & we had no way to get pics..but there was 3 of us in the car & we all saw it & were very shaken by it.
Angela J
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Clearmont, Indiana – 5/23/2011

my name is mike, im 58 yrs old. about 11:30pm last nite i steped out into my back yard with my dog. just as i was standing out there something caught my attention. a strange white lite moveing from the south west to north east at a very quick rate. at first i just thought ok, its the shuttle and space station. but as i stood there looking at more closely i noticed red blue and like a white lite. they looked like marker lites on an airplane, but this was way to high for an aircraft plus there was no noise and it was moveing way faster than a passenger plane. i watched it for about 5 minutes till it moved out of site in the direction it was moveing. i thought ok im gonnan check the nasa channle and see if the shuttle was to be flying over and it not oncourse anywhere near our area. next i! googled and asked does the shuttle and space station have colored marker lites like an air craft and the answer came back no. ive seen the space station and shuttle fly over many times. they are alot brighter plus no marker lites. really got my curious mind working. the altitude it was at was at least equal to what i see when the shuttle flys over. dont know if you can make any sence out of this or not. just thought id let you know. thanks for your time, mike, oh, sorry i dont have a pic or video i was just to interested in watching this thing.
Mike W
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Downown LA, California – Monday May 23 2011 11;14 am

in attmpt to take pics of buildings, i noticd a spot on screen iwipd n still there ilooked up @ sky and it wasnt there i looked at camera n there it was again along w anthor object..took pic lookd up wasnt there lookd at screen frm camera n it was there… out of this world!
– – – – – – – – – –

UFO fleet on May 20 at 00.05 pm Top Haarlem Centre (Netherlands)

Unfortunately I have no pictures, but on Friday night at 00.05 pm I was startled by an enormous amount of lights in the sky.
The lights ‘run’ silently over me. Thought at first that the lanterns were, but noted that there were two lights right aangesneld then realized that the lanterns could not be.

Tried to take pictures, but these have unfortunately failed.

– – – – – – – – – –

Butler, Missouri – 5/19/2011

In September of 2009, we believe we were abducted out on country road east of town. We had missing time and strange photos on our camera. Since then we have made it our goal to search our area. We go out from time to time and have gotten many images of aliens and craft see ( were going out at night and got many of our images there. We often take day trips, and we took this on the 19th, 4 miles down the road north of where we live. It is a small area known as Passaic with a less than 100 people population. The first picture shows nothing, the 2nd taken seconds later shows what looks like an orb or round object in the sky. The fourth picture is for comparison. The fourth is one we got last year near Harrisonville Missouri on a trip to Orrick.!
Lori and Rich C

– – – – – – – – – –

Marano di Napoli (Naples, Italy) – 18/05/2011

I’ve seen this weird object in the sky and I’d like to know if it’s a real UFO. This object was motionless, but before there were some other smaller objects near this, they were like lights, but some of them went on a way and some others went the opposite way and suddenly they concentrated in only one object. The picture shows all objects in one,on the right of the aerials in the center of the photo.
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Wednesday, May 18th 2011; between Truth or Consequences, NM and Las Cruces, NM
This pic was taken through the windshield by a truckdriver. He did not have time to get video.
Kristy F


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Received on May 14, 2011
Me and my whole family seen a lot of ufo activity last week, 2 huge ufo’s.. we think we got video footage, we know we have pics, i cant find any pics of what we seen.. it was in Oak island, nc over the atlantic ocean… 7 bright red lights lit up in a row, estimated at least 20miles long, all in a row… then we seen .. maybe the same one it was still huge, it was closer, it rose into the air ..not too fast we watched it for 40 secs… it sparkled like glitter?? then near the rear a bright yelow light lit up, enough to catch it on camera… i did not believe in this… but 7 of us seen it… it was un real…..
Jesse S
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Bellevue, Wa – 5/17/2011

I saw something in the sky around 8am this morning. It was slowly floating south and it disappeared. It didn’t have wings like an airplane. It didn’t leave any streaks behind it like a jet and it was silent. My fiance saw it too. I’m not sure what it was but at one point the sun bounced off of it and it appeared to be metal.
– – – – – – – – – –

Glasgow – 18/5/2011

While travelling home from nottingham last night , at around 10.35pm on the M74 and around the Moffat area,I witnessed a UFO. It was`nt an aircraft as I had a visual on one higher up, that had possibly taken off from edinburgh. The terrible weather last night would also dissmiss the possibility of a “chineese Lantern” or light aircraft. I would describe it as long triangle, orange in colour. I also put my car window down to dismiss the fact of a reflection.I have been an aircraft enthusiast for 40 years ,and know the difference
Andy P
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Edmonton, Alberta (right outside my house) – about a month ago, i dont remember exactly when (received on May 26, 2011)

i was coming home from a friends, and as i was getting out of my moms car i saw a white glowing circle high above my house. it was small, and glowing for sure, it even seemed to be radiating, thats why i didnt think it was a star, and it looked to close to be a star. i decided to just go inside my house and forget about it. thats when i heard a buzzing noise, i looked up and i saw 2 circles following eachother.. one was bigger than the other, that one was in front and the smaller one was in the back. i couldnt see what they were attached together by, but there were no wings, and this thing was just hovering by, and the circles looked like 2 white lights with a bunch of smaller circular pink lights around each circle. my mom insisted it was a plane, but i think its because she doesnt bel! ieve in the paranormal or anything that has to do with the paranormal. anyways, the object hovered off into the distance and i was left wondering what it was. i thought i was the only one who saw it, turns out my friend colby saw it too. he told me when i told him i saw it, and he described he exact same thing. he said “there’s been some crazy shit going on in the sky lately” i apologize for not having any pics for videos.
Emma F
– – – – – – – – – –

These pictures were taken at dawn over River de la Plata in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 26, 2011.
You can see a big object on the left side of picture 4411. Picture 4411 bis is a detail of the first one. In the other two pictures there are two other small objects close to the main one. There was also some white smog close to the objects.
The person who took the pictures was just taking pictures of the sun when the objects called his atention.

Jose L
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