Possible daytime UFO sighting over Paris in France 28-May-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – This daytime photo of multiple bright objects or orbs flying in the sky against the wind was just taken a few hours ago (Saturday, 28th May 2011) in Courbevoie, Paris, France .
Witness report: Today over Paris at 16h25 the sky was suddendly filled with white spots going from the soutrh to the north.

They were very high and have erratics movements aginst the general wind direction.

Could it be ballons form a wedding day ?

I’m looking for other observation.
Author: Nemo
source: submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

Click on the photograph to enlarge!

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  1. This is similar to the &quot;flotilla&quot; recently recorder over L.A. This continues a trend of these sightings of small spherical objects, too many to be coincidence.<br /><br />Keep in mind, more weddings happen in May/June than all the other months combined. It&#39;s possible these are just balloons.

  2. Hi Rooster,<br />I&#39;m 100% agree with you.<br />I just hope to find other observers for that day.<br />And find their coordonates on the comment thread.<br /><br />regards<br />nemo

  3. it seems these sightings are everywere around the world. could it mean something? or do we all just share some illusion of our imagination?

  4. wind currents at differenct levels of the atmosphere flow in different directions. so yes, they could certainly be balloons, even though they appeared to move against the wind. the wind at such a high level would be different than that on the ground. Check it with your local weatherman.

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