Triangle craft flying across Fresno, California – early May 2011

UFO sightings 2011 – Big triangle-shaped craft was recorded flying above Fresno in California in early May 2011. It does look like some new secret military plane.

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  1. I saw a UFO on 5-6-11 on the other side of fresno where the interstate 5 freeway is ..about 2-3 miles before you hit the "jayne ave" exit.. the UFO was so close ..i was about 1/4 mile away from it hovering low going left and right across the freeway

  2. i say would assume fake only because there is a logical explanation, this honestly looks like a F-22, a next-gen stealth fighter, or even a next-gen stealth spy MACH-5+ plane, all of these planes are triangular.

  3. I&#39;m usually the skeptic here but in this case I don&#39;t see how this could be any known airplane. It might be a B-2 stealth bomber but it seems way too big and it&#39;s flying very low. If it was added digitally, I can&#39;t tell.<br /><br />Looks legit. Good job.

  4. I Believe it&#39;s a Real UFO.. Uncle lived in fresno.. He told me about many sighting&#39;s. Good Work Ladies~. §Li©K®™

  5. I don&#39;t understand why people deny the obvious. I live in fresno ca too, and I&#39;ve seen what could only be ufo&#39;s. The first time, it looked like a crown shaped figure. The top changed colors, from green to pinkish orange and blue. The bottom was a solid white light. It zig zagged across the sky, going to its side then back to being flat. People need to grow up and stop believing what

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