Daytime UFO activity over London, UK 8-Jun-2011

UFO 2011 – Interesting footage of unknown bright objects above London, UK. This was filmed on Wednesday, 8th June 2011. What do you think this is?
Witness report: I recorded this from “The Greenway” in Stratford East-London, Memorial Grounds, what you can’t see is that there is actually TWO objects, and what was not recorded was the third.
Author (Harry0w8 @ youtube)

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  1. This is pretty interesting, considering if you have ever watched the show "Ancient Aliens" they talk about how the so called "Gods" that came from the stars came down inside of dragons. The trail of this could easily be exaggerated as looking like a dragon way back in the day.

  2. No Gas Combustion Motor, Sorry But UFO doesnt leave a smoke trail, looks like a dragon or something like a firework.

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