Possible TR-3B sighting in Hartford, Connecticut – June 2011

Latest UFO sightings – Triangle-shaped craft, possible Tr-3b was recorded hovering stationary in the night sky above Hartford in Connecticut. This footage was taken this month, June 2011.

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  1. That is a commercial aircraft. Most likely flying away from the people filming. The green and white steady lights on the left and right, followed by two alternating blinking red lights are a dead give away.

  2. You're kidding me right?! you posted this video to be funny right?! I see no evidence of the plane hovering, can hear the plane and like any other FAA approved airplane it has blinking lights. I'm sure it was scary to see but I live near 2 airports and see these nightly.

  3. I saw something just like this in NH on 6/21 out in the middle of no where flying it was hovering was silent and then suddenly sped off. I think its real too similar to the craft I saw and what I saw was nothing like I have ever seen before.

  4. Nice Plane shot. The video was edited so that we might not know that it was coming towards us or departing because of the position lights. The white landing lights in the wings,(out of sequence(, was a nice touch. It's a single engine Beech Bonanza,(though I saw a hint of their V Tail), Cessna, or Piper. Lycoming engine also.Sorry for the fake plane folks,(I have seen a few so not a doubter),

  5. I am the owner of the video and while i was recording i didn&#39;t hear any noise except noise from an helicopter that took of after this object was flowing in the air. The video wasnt taken close to any airport just close to the highway 91 south close to exit 27 by airport road.<br /><br />any other question please : valde_e@hotmail.com

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