Recent UFO sightings in Lake Erie 2011

Carlos Clemente presents the latest information on UFO sightings in the vicinity of Lake Erie in Ohio, United States.

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  1. If UFOs fly over Columbus Ohio.there are police helicopters working the city all the time.<br />NY.City had all those sightings and no police helicopters checked them out,at least that I saw on the news.That seemed strange to me they were receiving calls.<br /><br />MUFON needs to get a helicopter or plane up and check out these conventional aircraft lights or UFOs over Lake Erie none of the

  2. Lame. IMO, all of these Lake Erie sightings are a joke and Michael Lee Hill is a narcissist who believes that aliens communicate with him psychically. <br /><br />I have yet to see any convincing video of these sightings.

  3. i find it very shameful that people these days are so dumb, thats exactly what the government wants us to be. all this proof and we&#39;re still waiting on the government to tell us the truth, keep waiting fools. history has told us over and over again and we still don&#39;t want to believe. the sumerians, egyptions, myans, clearly told us all of this in stone and we still look else where for

  4. Rooster is the typical, in-denial skeptic that UFOs exist at all but yet feels somehow compelled to troll this site, insisting on telling everyone about almost EVERY UFO video how lame, explainable as something else and/or fake it is. Please webmaster, can you please ban this shill from this site? We&#39;re sick of his crap. Rooster only likes to hear himself CROW.

  5. Rooster&#39;s fine and often funny. why ban anything when there ARE some very lame videos on this site, including outright frauds? AND folks believe the video even when it is uncovered as definite fake. other folks make claims that &quot;we only have a couple years left. three tops.&quot; FOR WHAT? I thought the world is ending in 2012? (similar dubious sources) <br /><br />FYI, I am not Rooster

  6. This is completely true. Last night i was on the beach in amherstburg ontario right across from Fermie 2 Michigan, and i saw 6 &quot;orbs&quot; flashings colours of blue green red yellow. and 2 other people were with me. they are still there tonight as im in the city seeing them, and its been the 3rd day. were all screwed

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