Triangle formation over Fort Lauderdale, Florida 22-Jun-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – This unknown lights or objects in triangle-shaped formation were recorded over Fort Lauderdale in Florida on Wednesday, 22nd June 2011.
Witness report: 5 bright gold an red colored lights in arrow formations. Seen near Fort Lauderdale beach.
Driving home near Ftl beach northbound. pulled over to watch the lights. lights lasted about 15-20 minutes then shot off into distance. short video taken with camera.
Both myself and the passenger experienced awe as we watch. Neither of us have seen anything remotely close to this before.
The lights must have been visible for miles.
Lights changed in pattern and shape throughout the 20 minutes or so.
Author (Theufosights @ youtube)

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  1. How interesting! NINE SECONDS!! <br />NO PERSPECTIVE??<br />are you kidding–what is it? the top of some buidling? <br />And so many think it&#39;s &quot;Real&quot;?<br />what nonsense!

  2. Looks like the top of the old Centrust Tower building (now BOA) in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. I&#39;ll take a ride downtown tonight, I live in FTL, and let everyone know if my suspicions are valid.

  3. I just saw a string of redish lights in lauderdale by the sea. I tried to take pictures with my phone but they didn&#39;t come out too great. They were gone in less than a minute. Theres a tower in in the distance with a blinking red light, is there anyway that could have caused the lights? It&#39;s so wierd.

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