UFO activity above Montreal in Canada 10-Jun-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – This footage of unknown objects above Lanaudière, suburbs of Montreal city in Canada was recorded on 10th June 2011.

Witness report: Friday, June 10, 2011, was one night sighting that I’m not yet to forget. In less than a hour, from 21h52 to 22h45, I have captured 4 sightings with my HD camcorder, including an encounter with an object at 600 feet from me, a small object, but very unpredictable…
The first sighting is a surprising object that when seen far, looked like a plane, but when zoomed on it, revealed to be constantly shifting in an imprecise shape. The only constant thing about it was a main bright light and some smaller one blinking at times. Around the shifting body were some sort of fast moving “legs” or “hairs” or it was some kind of energy that was emitted that took strange forms. The object looked definitely alive…
The second sighting occurred a few minutes later over the fields. A bright intense light was first seen moving in the sky in my direction. The light looked like the headlight of a plane as when it is facing us. While it was coming my way, the light started to shift as if something had moved in front of it. It continued to approach then turned left in front of me and revealed two big balls next to each other, a white and a red one. The balls flashed at some times like a plane does, but it was no plane. The balls expanded and retracted themselves, all the while blinking at times. The red ball morphed completely to a small white object, then morphed back to its initial form.
The third object was a bright white sphere that took the same direction as the previous object and moved slowly over the fields. As it turned left, it started to pulsate lightly like a plane for a few seconds, before shutting off its bright main light, and keeping smaller blinking lights on. As the 2 previous objects, it was silent and disappeared behind the trees to East direction.
After filming these 3 consecutive objects in the sky, a small pulsating red light caught my attention in front of a patch of wood at about two football field distance from where I was standing in the open field. First I thought it was someone with a flashlight or the light of a small vehicle, the little red one behind a bike maybe… but soon, I realized after observing its behaviour, that it was completely something else… It was a red object, about the size of a soccer ball, and was constantly making a sequence of blinking its red light, then disappeared in the dark for a few seconds, before reappearing a little further away and repeating the pulsations. The object then went back and forth into the forest, moving around, slightly illuminating the trees from bottom to top, with a soft red color. Unfortunately, the light was so dim that the camera didn’t capture it well. In the forest, it never pulsated but maintained a constant light. It only pulsated at me when it w! as back in the open field. It was a fascinating and frightening sighting because of the object’s unpredictable behaviour.
Author: zorotrax
source: submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

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  1. There are thousands of them surronding our planet. Even NASA lets you see them on their videos. Mankind is so dumb now that we wouldn't see the truth if it was right in our face. We have been programed to disbelieve everything so they let us see things and we cry fake. It's not their fault that you can't tell fake from real. They are trying to let us know if you are paying attention.

  2. come on guys don't by on all these hoaxes or your site start becoming just not interested not even just a JOKE i suggest before you put something on the air you look through that cause some of videos are ridiculous!!!

  3. We have the same flashing lights here in Orlando, FL. USA. We call them Fire Flys. They are little fly like creatures with a little bulb on their tale end of their body and they illuminate from time to time. Can't say I've ever tried to catch one on video though. If you catch one and smash between your forefinger and thumb your fingers will flourese (glow).

  4. Are you joking? This isn't any Fire Flys? If they are that big and bright in Orlando, than you have another kind of problem… You can't go wrong when you see the size of the actual object in the video. No Fire Flys in the world, certainly not here in Ontario, are that big and have a bright intense light! It is amusing how ridiculous debunkers can get to discard true sightings to

  5. To all the debunkers out there: You better start looking for another job, because everybody around the planet is filming these phenomena at an increasing rate. Soon, you won’t have any more arguments to deny the truth and your job will become useless. Good luck for your new career!

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