UFO activity over Buenos Aires, Argentina 25-May-2011

This case was submitted to LUFOS by one of our reader (Eric), with this description:

05-25-2011 – ufo report at approximately 23.30 hours security camera in the city of Ituzaingo (Buenos Aires) – Argentina
UFO Argentina OVNIPolice received a call from the neighboring. rare lights in the sky, police alerts in the area, where there are security cameras looking for and they capture with high quality images of the spectrum (UFO).
the UFO lights changed from green, purple and blue, suspended in the air and a moving light, which crosses over the first object these pictures were taken by security cameras which there is no way that they are false.
Please post this sighting, which is one of the most amazing and sight seeing, Greetings from Argentina!

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  1. The &quot;jellyfish in the sky&quot; object is intriguing but there is not much to go on here. To say that there is no way to modify security camera footage is ridiculous. <br /><br />This is better than most of the videos seen lately, nice job.

  2. There are many reports of a jellyfish-style UFO being reported, but this is the only video I&#39;ve seen of those. I bet the ones who have seen these are glad someone finally got one on film.

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