UFO over BBC Radio 1 building in London, UK 24-Jun-2011 + Update

Latest UFO sightings – New daytime footage of some kind of disc-shaped object flying above BBC Radio 1 building in London, United Kingdom. This video was recorded on Friday, 24th June 2011.

What do you think of this video? Real or CGI?

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Sunday, 26th June 2011 Update!

Two new videos came out of daytime UFO or orb fleet flying above Tower Bridge in London on June 24, 2011.

I would like to hear your opinion on this so please, leave your responses below!


Tuesday, 28th June 2011 Update!

3 videos of UFO’s over London with analysis, zoom and slow motion.

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  1. You have to remember we can see a roach on Mars so they surely can see everything we do and know everything we have. They hide behind the clouds then burst out at super speeds and reverse motion to give us a show. It is all for show because they can cloak if they want too.

  2. It would be helpful to have some context to the videos – what times of day? Why were these people taking videos in the first place? The last one seems more suspect than the one of the bridge, which appears to have been taken by tourists.

  3. Are there lots of eye witness reports to go along with the video on this date?Video 1.has a lot of people looking up,or pretending to.<br /><br />The powers that be love the UFO hoaxer!

  4. Fake. Looks like some of the CGI staff at the BBC trying to prove they are geniuses.<br />Same sort of idiots that fake crop circles. UK is full of them.

  5. Fake… In the video labeled, &quot;Near Tower Bridge London June 24 2011&quot;, you can see in the slow motion that the camera jitter was not compensated for well. I think they are CGI. Would be easy to do. To bad though. I wish people wouldn&#39;t do that simply because the non believers are given ammunition.

  6. These videos are completely fake. The body language and voice tones used are so obvious. The ufo&#39;s also do not move with the motion of the camera…<br /><br />I&#39;ve had quite enough of the media bull and how they are trying to, and succeeding with many to pull the wool over our eyes.. more and more keeps happening which PROOVES there is evil in power which is manipulating and making up

  7. gives-a-refreshing-turn-of-events-4-radar=error&#39;s+the NEOs=near earth objects,perhaps the&quot;OCTOPUS&quot;got loose!scream-a/bit-folks=shout,OUT!

  8. Fake a crope circuls? Can you fake one as they do? <br />But how one would expect that people will believe in UFO, even after seeig it with their own eyes, if they can´t even see the obvious corruption and evil of a day to day living where the banksters and the corporations ripping of the nations and distroying our world? How can they believe in supernatural if they completley blind to what is

  9. Comment about idiots faking crop circles does not imply that all crop circles are fakes. In the same way these fake UFO videos do not imply that all UFO videos are fakes, although obviously the idiot fakers would like to think this.

  10. Hmm..I am not a normal &quot;UFO Hunter&quot; but was in my back garden in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire around 12.50pm 26th of June, 2011 when I saw one strange object in the sky. It was a lovely clear hot day and there were also a few planes flying (near Heathrow). The object appeared stationary above Kings Langley. I called my wife out and she handed me my video camera, arggg, the battery was

  11. This demonstration of alien technology again, is part of a wave of ufo sightings around this globe in 2011. They want demonstrate us that we should direct our thoughts into space! We must realize that people on earth arnt alone! Interstellar travelling is able and aliens use this technology to visit us. Let us start a new relations of mankind on earth and space civilisations. Politicians/military

  12. Look all because you closed minded people think that God created life only on this planet does not mean its true. Sumerians talk of OUR CREATORS and guess what all you un-intellectual people … they are coming back for us cause the study is almost over. When they do come I will personally drive up to everyone of you close minded, ignorant, brainless people and laugh in your face cause when it

  13. There seems to be alot of these fakes around and it may seem like a laugh the the makers but it discredits the real footage that myself and others are trying to capture. Look like the work of prankster students. Please delete it it has no place here.

  14. I would love it to be real but unfortunately I&#39;m convinced it&#39;s a fake. Showed it to my 2 daughters (8 and 11) who both thought there was something not quite right about it. The actual ufo footage is pretty good, I especially like the large disc being visible in amongst the grey cloud – nice touch that, but for me the constant shots of the people on the pavement is the giveaway, would you

  15. Why do so many people think we are another alien race, Is it because we keep our distance from you humans that try to destroy whatever comes your way or you try to question how it was created, why we can&#39;t breath your air, why we look the way we are?<br />We have been around longer then we care to remember, when we arrived here, the human race was so far behind, it was us that showed you the

  16. Could someone post a fake one that they made at home so we can compare? Apparently it only takes 10 minutes. . . and it would be great to see.

  17. Its fake, if you look at &quot;3 videos of UFO&#39;s over London with analysis&quot; look at clip 2 in slow motion, when camera moves the ufo accelerate at same velocity as camera and slow down again when camera stops, its added with some cind of editing software and movement tracking isnt done properly.

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