UFO above Seattle, Washington 26-Jun-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – This Sunday, on 26th June 2011, an bright unidentified flying object was seen and recorded over Seattle in Washington.
Witness report: Walkin’ with my dog at Mathews beach in north seattle at about 11 pm on June 26th, 2011.. Stop for a smoke and a look at the sky.. That’s when this thing started flying by.. I said to myself, “If this thing doesn’t start blinkin’ or somethin’ I’m gonna start filming it.”
So I started filming.
This is what I catured on my Nikon Coolpix S6000 at it’s highest resolution.
Unfortunately, this camera does not do so well at night or without proper lighting. Also, sorry for the shakiness, but If you look close you can see a star that this object passes at around 0:08 ..it was moving pretty fast and at a kinda low altitude, with out a sound.
The orange light towards the end is my cigarette I think?!
I couldn’t tell ya what the other light was?!?! Can anyone tell me?
Author (762nfinite @ youtube)

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  1. Say hello to the International Space Station. Go to Heavens-Above.com, type in a location from the database, click previous for the passes that have come and gone, and what do we get…<br />26 Jun -3.3 22:01:15 WNW<br /><br />26 Jun -1.6 23:37:44 W<br /><br />There were two passes, one at 10:01pm and another at 11:40pm over Seattle.

  2. really, come on this look so fake. how many ufo are there, each video is differnt. if there are aliens i guess there are alot of differnt type.

  3. I saw something very similar here in Seattle back in around 2002. I was standing on my outside deck when an object caught my eye. Like this one, it appeared to be illuminated by the city lights rather than an internal/external light source on the object. It traveled low in the sky; I&#39;d say maybe 200 feet at the most, and it almost appeared to be floating rather than flying. I thought that

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