UFO sightings in India: Witness Faints 15-Jun-2011

June 19, Imphal, India – an Unidentified Flying Object was spotted at Ngankha Lawai village in Manipur’s Bishnupur district. According to the report, a 31-year-old farmer Koreiremba Kumam was taking video using his cellphone near his house around 3:11 PM on June 15 when suddenly captured “mashak khangdaba potsak ama” or UFO in the sky. He stated that he fainted for a few seconds after a small round black object sped towardds him.
Koiremba claimed that he felt an electric shock when the round black objects coming towards him. He went back home few minutes after he woke up. His family took him to a closed-by hospital due to a ruining health. But he was discharged later by the hospital as there were no symptoms of any illness.
Dr. Thokchom Meinya, Lok Sabha MP and also an astronomer reacts to the descriptions of the onlookers, and claimed that the it was not an extra-terrestrial craft instead, a support system of a rocket or a space craft that was accidentally ejected.
However, Kumam Koiremba still claiming that he felt unconcious and weak after that encounter with the UFO.
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  1. Looks like a UFO to me. Why would the fish farmer go through all this for a fake? If it is a ' a support system of a rocket or a space craft that was accidentally ejected.', why does it appear to be stationary in the sky? If a 'support system of a rocket etc', the debris must have landed nearby. Where is it?

  2. Yes I have to agree, it does appear to be stationary at times. Also, I wouldn't think that this man would plan this as a hoax either, it looks real to me based on his reaction and his surroundings.

  3. If it was a support system or a craft, it would still be there, wouldn't it? But where is the 'support system' or 'craft'? It is an UFO! because it flew away, according to the one who saw it.

  4. nice vid…. very interesting. the lines coming out the sides almost looked like wire from in between telegragh poles.dont know if they had electricity there or land line phones.

  5. I personally saw a ufo size of a stadium one night standing still that time i didnt had camera, and i persume most of the indians never had camera until and unless mobile phones arrived with camera. So these sightings are also happening in India from long but no one actually created any fuss, try searching for muhnochawa, and monkeyman in delhi for some real interesting news of similar topic. I

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