4th of July UFO sightings – 2011 videos

A lot of UFO reports came in recently from the 4th of July 2011. A lot of them are just a chinese lanterns or some kind of firework, but here are some videos of possible real UFO sightings from United States.
Flashing UFO over Arizona

Fleet of orange UFOs over Illinois

We have concluded that these craft were not likely to be Chinese Lanterns because of their overwhelming brightness while at a far distance and their ability to stay in formation with each other and all go off at the same time. There were also HUNDREDS of spectators that saw a triangular formation in a town nearby.
(UFOsOverIllinois @ youtube)

July 4 UFO activity over Phoenix, Arizona

Miami, Florida

Last night I was watching fire works with my family an I saw this glowing ball of fire in the sky. I decided to record it. If you guys have any idea what this is I would love to here it.

More UFOs from July 3 & 4 – Texas & Indiana

4th of July 2011 UFO sightings in Denver, Colorado

UFO fleet over Ilinois, United States

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  1. AHAHAH you idiots the all the videos are stupid. the first video is clearly a plane BEHIND the fireworks. people like you and videos like this are why people think that ufo's arnt real and people who are bright enough to belive are loopers ? make sense to anyone else orrr ?

  2. These were also spotted in Festus, Missouri @ 9:30 p.m., July 4, 2011. About thirty five miles south of St. Louis, Missouri. They were coming from the east (Illinois) crossing the Mississippi River into Missouri continuing westbound.

  3. We saw 5 of these objects at close proximity in Westminster Colorado during the fireworks shows. They were located in the middle of Thorton, Westminster and Broomfield fireworks. Not sure what they were, but never experienced anything like them before. Even my father n law who has worked with the Navy on numerous missle projects could explain them. I have tried to find good video of these and

  4. We were in Bellingham, Wa, on the roof of a parking garage that night and we saw the same orange things drifting in a straight line. They lingered inland until the sky got dark then headed quickly out over the bay. We made jokes at the time but now i'm seeing this almost a year later. Same exact objects. What were they?

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