Daytime UFO filmed over Manila, Philippines 27-Jun-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – This daytime unknown object was seen and recorded flying above Manila in Philippines on 27th June 2011.
Witness report: We was on vacation in Manila (Philippines) and we stayed in a Hotel (Cherry Blossoms Hotel) in Malate, Metro Manila.In the evening of June 27. I looked out of the hotel Window in the 4th floor and saw an Object hovering in the Sky beside of a condominium Building.The object was spinning around while completely still hovering maybe around 100 meter high.It moved after several minutes slowly to the right,then stopped again and moved slowly to the left and flies behind the building.It crossed the whole building and came out on the left side of the building.Then it was flying staight and slow out of our sight.In the pictures and the video it seems not to spin,but when we looked at it while taking pictures its clear to see that it spins around.We are sure,that no Plane,Balloon or Helicopter was at that time in that area.
We were totally exited during and after the event and knew,that it was not normal. We all think that its really a ufo.
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. Hello, I&#39;m Tony Israel of the UFO Society of the Philippines. <br /><br />I find this video and sighting case seriously interesting (high-priority) and I would like to interview the person who took this video and other possible witnesses to this incident.<br /><br />You may please contact me through the following methods:<br /><br />email:<br />facebook:

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