Interesting Thing On The Ocean Floor: Believed To Be A UFO

A certain ocean research spearhead by Swedish researcher Peter Lindberg has discovered what exactly a few are generally implying is a damaged flying saucer. Lindberg’s group, that holds achievement in the past retrieving submerged boats and freight, was utilizing sonar to search for the century-old shipwreck which had gone down transporting a number of cases of a super-rare champagne. 
Instead, the group found just what it remarks is an unexplainable circular thing that might (or might not) be extraterrestrial. Lindberg described to local press that his team found, on the 300-foot-deep ocean floor between Finland and Sweden, a big elliptical, around 60 feet in dimension. He added that it is normal to discover a bunch of strange things in research activity. However, he noted that throughout his 18 years as an expert he have never observed something such as the thing they recently discovered. The form is totally round.
Contributing to the secret at the bottom of the Gulf of Bothnia, Lindberg stated he noticed proof of marks or scars troubling the surroundings in the area, indicating the thing in some way relocated throughout the ocean floor to exactly where his crew discovered it. It is not really very clear what to generate of this document or the video of the sonar scan which exhibits the thing, but Swedish tabloids and online world UFO enthusiasts have had a field day. 
A few propose the thing is a flying saucer of extraterrestrial source (and the seafloor marks were dug up when it gone down), although of all the elements that may generate a rounded sonar signature, that appears to be among the more unusual. It may be a normal element development, or perhaps a submerged, round human-made item.
Lindberg’s assertion that the thing “is completely round” may possibly not be precise; though it appears round coming from the details so far, the resolution of the sonar picture appeared to be not superior enough to confirm that it is certainly round. And while the traces that seem to be leading to (or from) the attribute may indicate some kind of motion, it is likewise feasible they have absolutely nothing to do with the thing. 
Lindberg himself did not imply that it was of extraterrestrial decent, although he did theorize that it may be a “new Stonehenge.” This is not really the first instance a submerged item has been offered as the answer to a puzzle. Consider, for instance, the well-known under the sea mystery of the “Bimini Road,” a rock development in the Caribbean near the Bahamas that looks like a road or wall structure. Many New Agers and conspiracy theorist stated that the rocks were too completely formed to be normal, and that these objects were possibly created by an unidentified civilization or left behind by the missing area of Atlantis.
In fact, geologists have recognized the blocks as uncommon formed but completely natural weathered seaside rock. It is also worth noting that UFOs might not be saucer-shaped. The well-known “flying saucer” explanation of the first UFO has since been exposed as a reporting mistake. 
Lindberg said his crew has neither the interest nor the resources for additional analysis of the anomaly. Deep ocean study is time-consuming and costly. If the thing were really a flying saucer, retrieving it could possibly be worth many millions or enormous amounts of money. If it is a natural development, on the other hand, it would likely be a waste of effort, time and money. (c) 2011

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  1. No gun turret. Too big. It could be the top of an ancient lava dome, or an ancient meteor crater on the sea floor. Given the very rock-like striations in its surface, I&#39;d bet big bucks that it&#39;s nothing made by an &quot;intelligence&quot;. . .<br /><br />Still, rather fun. . .

  2. that ufo looks like a rock formation but to others they say i looks like a ufo (i dont think so)anyways it could be just nothing or a big robot lying face up

  3. Even with the crummy picture, I saw right away that the object is symmetrical in overall shape as well as features, indicating an artifact of some kind rather than a natural development.

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