Latest Wiltshire, United Kingdom crop circles from late July 2011

  • July 22: East Kennett near Averbur
  • July 23: Roundway Hill near Devizes
  • July 24: Roundway Hill near Devizes
  • July 25: Etchilhampton near Devizes
  • July 25: West Kennett near Avebury
  • July 26: Windmill Hill near Averbury
  • July 26: East Field near Alton Barnes

All videos are avaliable in this player below!

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  1. East Kennett CC is a depiction of the 10 kingdoms &quot;of the parallel world&quot; which is situated astonishingly opposite of each other at the other end of the earth and is materialising at a fast pace.<br />Thus the term &quot;the within becomes the uncharted territory&quot; and will no longer be the &#39;mirage&#39; truth.

  2. Wow it seems like someone is desperately trying to tell us something through these crop circles. I wonder if we are getting close to successfully figuring out how to read these messages. Seems like nobody really cares. We should take these things seriously. And if I&#39;m the only one who doesn&#39;t know something, feel free to inform me. Thamks…

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