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Your UFO reports:  24th July – 31st July 2011
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Shah Alam, Malaysia – 29/7/2011
I something that looked like a UFO on 29/7/2011 at about 9PM. It was green and It flew away fast. I saw it flew over my rooftop.
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Mattawamkeag, Maine – July 28th, 2011
There was 6 of us by the fire, there was a round light in the sky, It was NOT blinking like an aircraft just a steady light going slow In the sky and I went to take a video and it moved fast and was gone.
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West side of Bettendorf, Iowa – 7/26/2011
I was on my porch and saw what looked like a star to the south, but this star was moving at great speed. I didnt see any blinking lights so I don’t think it was a plane, not too sure about the regulations with blinking lights on planes but I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to have them.
My eyes aren’t the best but it seemed like it was changing speed from high to lower.
Just reporting this in case anyone else saw the same thing.
It’s 4:58 right now and I saw it about 5 minutes ago, no pictures, unfortunately
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Mawana, Meerut City, Uttar Pradesh, India, Asia – 25 July 2011
I was watching at the night sky, it was cloudy a bit as if it was going to rain. The time was around 9 pm suddenly i noticed in the South West Direction 3 Unidentified lights. One was static and the other two were revolving around the one in an irregular pattern very fast. I point my phone camera towards them but it was unable to capture them as it was too dark. This situation remains as it is for 1 hour and then they fade away, the after 8 minutes they came back and this time all three of them were moving very fast, i called my neighbours and friends, they were amazed after watching them. Then finally they disappeared by 11:10 pm.
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Mission Viejo, CA (southern cal) USA by the foothills of Saddleback Mountain – 7/25/2011 Approximately 11p.m. pst.
I was sitting in my backyard looking up at the stars as I often do, because its pretty dark in my area, I have a clear view of Saddleback Mountains. Having accidentally caught a pic of a UFO while on vacation in Mexico City a few years earlier, Im always looking at the stars every night hoping to see something again…
Well tonight, I was in my backyard, I looked up towards the north east and saw what I thought was two stars, but one was brighter than the other,and i dismissed it. I looked somewhere else and then looked back about 45 secs- 1 min later. One of the stars had gotten really bright and appeared to be moving closer towards the ground. As it was moving, it would get REALLY bright, like an orangey color, then it would dim but to a point that you could still follow it. After it dropped or got closer, it started moving south east along Saddleback Mountain, but it was going faster, still getting really bright and dimming. I watched this go on for about two minutes. It started going faster then got really really bright, then started dropping to the ground really fast and just went out or at least I lost it. Im assuming over the pacific ocean. Ive heard stories of people seeing glowing orbs that come out of the water.
It was just an orb it seemed like. It was hard to judge its size or actual distance, but there were planes and helicopters flying around and plenty of stars to compare what it looked like too, and it looked like NONE of those or anything Ive ever seen. I really hope someone else saw it… I tried getting it it with my cell cam, but couldnt see anything with it, so i called my budddy and told him to go outside but he couldnt in time. Oh well.
Here is the pic from Mexico City. I also zoomed in on the pic and cropped it!! Enjoy..
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Utica, N.Y – 7/25/11
For the past three nights I’ve seen lights in the sky. One was low enough that it illuminated the was moving very fast then totally dissapeared.tonight however was very intense. There was at least 10 to 15 of them. All flying in some sort of formation. They would stop in the middle of flight right above me.hover then fly in a diffrent direction.then dissapear.
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Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom – 24/7/11
I was out in the garden with my girlfriend at around 2200hrs and observed a large slow moving (compared to shooting star) light, no trail or sound.
The light seemed to be on a level flight when i observed two smaller lights crossing its trajectory one slightly in front of the other and almost formation distance apart.
The two smaller lights were not blinking had no trails and made no sound either.
My girlfriend also was observing this and was focused on the larger light still, myself watching the smaller ones. Upon looking for the large light again i noticed it had dissappeared and was told it just “blinked out”.
About 10-15 mins after this i observed heading in the opposite direction what i described to the girlfriend as looking like a drunken star, this seemed to vere left to right slighty and erratically and also in a slow, fast style fashion, also no trails, blinking or sound.
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Sainte-Sauveur, Quebec – July 24/2011
At aroung 1130PM my girlfriend and I saw a green ball shaped object flying in the sky and then it just disappears into thin air.
Ryan and Lissa
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Guyot crater (Mars) 116.5 deg East 10.5 deg North – 24/7/11
I have been studying these images for the past couple of days and i am not sure what to think of it, the object is about 2.7 kilometers long and appears to have carvings of faces on it, tho i am only able to make out 3 of them, the official report is that this object is a lava flow, it is a picture taken by the Apollo 16 spacecraft.

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Kings Lynn Norfolk UK – 24th July 2011
On the last two nights Friday and Saturday I had problems sleeping and decided to go outside for some fresh air. On Friday I looked up into the clear night sky and noticed many UFOs traveling South to North, these were bright lights traveling at great speed and some seemed to stop, waited about 5 to 10 seconds, followed by a magnificent flash of white light and flew off towards the North. This was around 0130am. Then last night I woke around the same time and noticed the same thing, except two that seemed to link up in mid air, one from the East linking up with one from the south above me. When they linked up, there was a massive flash of white light before it moved off into the North. I believe this to be a regular occurance, so I may go out again tonight, if my neck can cope with the ! strain.I have always been a follower of UFOs since I first witnessed with my family a cigar shaped UFO hovering outside our house in the country outside Kings Lynn in the late 1960s, the portholes were clear showing pink faces, I was around 8 years old and I remember waving at the faces of which one waved back at me before lifting up into the night sky.
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the beach in Ocean City New Jersey – 7/24/2011
Sitting on beach around 8:30 pm with sister just talking when she said, look there is a fireball coming at us. I couldnt believe what I saw. It was low, like a low flying helicopter, coming right across beach towards us. It was bright orange like a fireball-starburst. It flew slowly and it moved sideways, we couldnt take our eyes off it, and we kept asking each other what we saw. Do you see that? what do you see? Anyway it came over us and slowed down almost stopped. It was very bright and seemed round. The round part was like christmas lights, but only orange and they did not blink at all. It seemed like rays of light all around it. As we watched it go straight up in the sky until it disappeared we turned and saw another, coming on almost the same path, came toward us and moved sid! eways to end in almost the same place then it also went straight up just like the first. In the end there were 4 in total. It was so bright orange. We also noticed after that all the airplanes in the vicinity were much higher in the sky, they had lights that blinked and they came from the opposite direction. When you actually see something like this, you try to convince yourself that it is something else, but when you see it with someone and you are both freaking out, you know that what you are seeing is for real.
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Bohemia, NY – July 24th 2011
Around 10:30om we saw something Gliding Very low over trees looked like a ball of flame then went up into the sky flashing then dissapeard
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Larne, UK – 23rd July 2011
We had a strange cloud formation which looked like a UFO, we were laughing about this, however the rest of the sky was clear, it was 9.30pm but this shape looked liked a saucer, it was orange with 2 black lines through it from end to end as if someone had painted it. Someone remarked what a night for UFO’s.
It was 11.00pm I was working late, when my attention was drawn to a large flourescent light travelling towards me. I quickly ran outside as it was going overhead. I noticed that behind the large orange light where 2 more orange lights (triangular) and it was a black object. Running out the front of the house, I noticed that it had taken a right angle turn and was heading towards Magheramourne, then all of a sudden it was if someone turned out the lights. Later that night I saw another one. It was not a plane as there was no sound, I would estimate it was about 3-4000 feet up.
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London, east Croydon, UK – 23/07/2011
Youtube video link:
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La Tuna Canyon, California – 7/23/11
I was traveling on the 210fwy going east at about 2:45 on 7/23/11. I was in the 3rd lane going 70 when I saw I was approaching something going on ahead maybe 15-20 car lengths away. Although there wasn’t much traffic everybody slowed down. My first thought that it was a helicopter with a bright bright search light on , in the daytime? It was hovering about 200 ft above the freeway- very bright like a highly reflective surface difficult to look at- then it slowly started moving over west bound traffic towards the canyon- I was trying to follow it but I was driving- I looked at it intermittingly as did several others drivers whooved over to the fast lane. It then just disappeared. When I told my son he said it must have been a Mylar balloon- no, it was too large and moved with intention i! n a straight line
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Saturday morning 2:30 am, 23-7-2011
just clarifying what i seen last Saturday morning 2:30 am Eastern Australian time, these photographs have been cropped the object itself looked like a very bright silvery star to the naked eye about as big as my little finger nail. I don’t think this large object was in the the earths atmosphere. I have other photographs as well.

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Orpington, Kent, England – 23rd July 2011
Eight orange lights glided very smoothly, steadily and silently over my house last night at around 9.30/9.45pm. Firstly in a group of three, then in two groups of two and finally one on its own. They all came from the same direction, starting fairly low in the sky and travelling in the same path as they seemed to rise higher.
My four year old daughter couldn’t sleep and saw them with me. My husband also saw the first three of them as they rose higher and disappeared into the night clouds.

I thought I was imagining what looked like aircraft type legs on them until my little girl commented to me, “Look Mummy, they’ve got arms”.
They were definitely not Chinese Lanterns or aeroplanes.
Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to capture anything on camera but I wonder if anyone else in this area saw them, too? I’d love to know.
I notice that someone in Sicily saw eight orange coloured lights the night before (22nd July) – could they have been the same ones, I wonder?
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Wyoming, Michigan – July 23, 2011 (11:35-11:40 pm)
Between 11:35-11:40 pm my wife and I were sitting out in our hot tub and saw what looked like a low-flying airplane that was a reddish/orange glowing color – almost as if it was on fire. It went behind the neighbor’s house and we saw it again once it came to the other side. As it moved across the sky it looked as though a fire had appeared on an airplane as the light continued to move across the night sky, but we could not see the outline of the airplane. It definitely appeared to have burning flames and we thought that a plane engine was on fire and it was going to fall from the sky. As we watched, the light continue across the sky, now slowing in speed. The flame became less and we couldn’t make out any object other than the dimming flame that eventually burned out and the object! disappeared. This occured within a 45 sec. to 1 minute period of time from the first sighting of the large glowing object to the time it disappeared. We know that it was approximately 11:35 pm because we went inside and called the local news (channel 8 and channel 13) and the local airport to see if any aircraft had reported any problems. Both news channels had no reports and the airport said there were no problems with oncoming flights either in or out of the airport. Both my wife and I witnessed this unusual phenomena. We still are unable to identify what the object was; however, we know something burning moved across the sky. It was very unusual and very bizarre. We’ve never seen anything like this before.
Anonymous (G.E.S.)
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I was in Wimberley, TX but it appeared to be fairly far away. I would guess it was probably in between Wimberley and a city 20 miles away called San Marcos – July 22, 2011
It was right around 4 am and I was driving home from a friends house with 2 more friends. When I pulled onto my street I could see what I thought was a very bright star. When I parked the car, my friends immediately went inside and I stayed outside because something seemed odd about the star. I soon realized that the “star” was below the clouds, which were illuminated by the moon and moving very quickly, and I couldn’t see any other stars. The light, from my perspective, looked to be (size-wise compared to stars in other parts of the sky) the size of a softball compared to a ping-pong ball. The light would pulsate very slowly and intelligently. At it’s dimmest 3 smaller lights very close to each other could easily be made out and seemed to be on the same craft. It would move! slowly over small distances during the brightest cycle then stop, go through another phase of light then keep moving; from left to right from my view until it went behind the trees and out of sight. It lasted anywhere from less than a minute to, at most, 2 minutes. During this time I called one of my friends inside and told him to come out and see what looked like a UFO, but he either didn’t believe me or didn’t hear me and never came outside.
It was too far away to tell what the body looked like other than that it had 3 lights on the bottom in a tight, small, triangle format. The light, when at full, didn’t seem to pointing anywhere in particular but lit up the entire area of and around the craft, equally. It looked like a large orb of light.
I didn’t take a picture because I know my phone’s camera lens is extremely scratched and taking a picture with the reverse camera would have meant looking away from the UFO and I wasn’t going to do that for that long. The next day I did however take pictures from where I was standing. This is the attached picture. I was looking through the most southern hole in the trees, in the pic.
I am a believer in extra terrestrial life and other connotations that belief may carry, but I am calling it what it is: an unidentified flying object. This is not my first experience in seeing bizarre things in the sky, though, this is the longest, most recent, and visually distinctive sighting for me. If anyone has any insight on anything that I’ve mentioned please make it known somehow.
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Denham Springs Louisiana – July 19th, 2011
This Craft just came in from the east about 1000 feet over the tree line then stopped and hovered for about 3 to 4 mins then slowly started moving towards us making no sound. It went from a bright orange to a bunch of blinking lights. With our Binocs we could see 9 lights, two on the front bottom, two on each side and two on the rear with a single blinking light in the middle. I have more videos from later that night and when it returned two nights later. It did try and make a sound that was like an airplane but insted of a more roar high DB sound it was more like a swooshing or suction sound. This link is private and will remain so on my youtube page but if your interested in posting it I can send it to you to use.
I don’t normally report, well never actually but I follow your site on my facebook and phone app so I figured what the hell, there’s more sightings and reports today then in the last 25 years. Thanks and keep up the great job with your site.
Youtube video link:
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Tustin, California – 7/16/2011
We also saw the the flying disc over Tustin on July 16, 2011. (link: UFO activity over Tustin, California on 16th July 2011)
We were going north on the 55 Freeway, just past the 5 Freeway, when my daughter and her friend spotted it just east of the freeway. It was disc shaped, with white lights edging the perimeter, blinking in sequence around the edge. Every now and then a red light would glow in the sequence of white lights. It appeared to hover at angle. We could not detect any wings on the disc, as an airplane would have. We got off at the 17th Street exit, and then backtracked to look for it. We spotted it one more time from Main Street in Tustin. It was heading west.
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Jackson Resovoir State Park, Colorado – July 4, 2011
On the southe side of Jackson Resovoir state park is a private mobilehome community. While there around 12mid to 1AM that morning, we were outside with a group of people around a fire pit, someone saw a large red ball in ths sky and we all looked at it, to me it looked like two red balls on top of each other like and old fashion dumb bell, it went from our view to the North and faded away, about 10 minutes later my fiance’ saw the object again to the far north above the horizon. Their were about 12 people who saw the object in the sky, we went up to the road that goes into the south gate of the park to see if we could see anything else and while on the road we saw a large red scintalling object in the south sky above the horizon, it traveled straight towards us and went over our heads a! t about the height of a cisna flying it continued on toward the north until it went out of sight, it was as clear as day, no clouds and it was very bright red, amazing site, after this we saw two white balls of light, also traveling from south to north in the sky but the lights looked like stars but were traveling at a good clip, after this we went down to the lake and saw another bright light hovering over the lake at about 2000 feet and it also moved but more to the northeast until it faded out in the distance. On the road, there were 5 people who saw the object, we all concurred as to what we saw as well. The government is lying to us. After what I saw there is no way that we are not being visited. The whole world is being lied too, there is no way they dont know for sure that they are out there, I am a USAF veteran and have seen hundreds of different aircraft in the sky and on the ground, what we saw was not conventional at all.
– – – – – – – – – –
Bavaria, Germany – 06/27:2011
Youtube video link:
– – – – – – – – – –
Lanaudiere Region – suburb of Montreal – June 18, 2011
I wanted to share one of my last sighting that I caught on video on June 18, 2011, and is available to see on YouTube in HD. Here is the description:
This Object moves silently across the night sky heading East direction. Although having similar navigation lights as airplanes, the Object has NO wings and pulses its light irregularly, all the while changing the shape of the flashes and varying in magnitude and sequential rhythm. Contrarily to an airplane who uses electric lights to produces its navigation lights, this Object seems to produce its navigation lights with its own body which makes it look organic and unartificial. The Object also shows a purple color light/flash that isn’t FAA related.
With an overall imprecise and constantly changing aspect, the Object seems to be “alive”.
Paranormal UFO researcher William Roehling names this type of Object a “Shape Shifting Entity”. Looking at the Object closer when editing has revealed the complexity of this rare phenomenon and the confirmation that it is something out of this world…. Lastly, the Object seems to be from the same group that was captured on my video “UFO OVNI Montreal – Amazing Creatures – Part 1 – June 10, 2011/ Object #1”
Link to the video: UFO – “Flying Entity” June 18, 2011 – Montreal
– – – – – – – – – –
Yverdon Switzerland – 6-11-11
sightings in Yverdon-Grandson Switzerland on 6-11-11..around 11:15PM local …multiple objects..lasting for about 5 minutes…shortly after they appeared they vanashed…no air traffic or planes in the area ..complete silence..taken with a phone so not very clear …

– – – – – – – – – –
Harold Hill, Romford, Essex rm39hd – 10/5/11
on the 10th may i let my dog out into the garden at aprox 10.30pm it was dark and i glanced up at a red light in the sky as i looked at it i became aware that it was the tip of something that was stretching over the roof of my flat so i walked out into the garden and saw not one but 3 red lights on an enormus black triangle that was moving so slowly over the roof of my flat it was huge!it made no sound but just befor i let the dog out, the lights in my flat went very dim for at least 4/5 seconds that tells me that there was an electromagnetic disturbance from this ufo, and i believe that it had a very strong electromagnetic field extending from it and it was very low indeed, there were no other features i could make out, just very black against a dark blue sky the shape was’nt equilater! al, the to sides were longer than the back of it, and the 3 red lights were on each corner of the triangel, they were not bright more a dullish red all this seemed to coinside with obamas visit to the uk coincidence? maybe maybe not!!!who knows…
– – – – – – – – – –
Santa Cruz, CA – April 9, 2007
I’m an amateur astronomer and this is what I captured in my telescope.
This is my own website with analysis both from MUFON and myself.(as well as other sources’ input)
I’m including an animated gif file taken from my video for preview.
Thank you for your time.
– – – – – – – – – –
Nazareth, Pennsylvania – late summer of 2000
A similar occurrence of seeing a triangular shaped UFO flying over my house. But unlike other ones that I have heard of, this was different. When it was passing over, it was making tons of noise. It sounded like a plane overhead, but it was shaking my windows. But it was high enough that they didn’t break. I went outside to see what it was and there was a uber-large Triangular shaped object. There were multicolored lights on the bottom of the aircraft. I didn’t see it’s thickness but it was like a perfect triangle from underneath. By the time I snapped out of it, I went to my family to have them come out, but they were lazy, and didn’t listen since I was little. The first pic is my depiction of it using Paint. The second is the difference of the UFO and a low flying jumbo jet. They aren! ‘t really good but there the best I can do with my computer.
Jamie B.

– – – – – – – – – –
Nazareth, PA – Late Summer of 2000
This occurred a few weeks after my sighting of a loud moving triangular UFO. I was outside with my telescope looking at the skies with my dad. Ironically, my dad goes inside to get something when I saw it, so he wasn’t able to witness it as well. There were about 3 UFO’s that night. They were all just balls of light, similar to an airplane. One of the lights were headed to the right from the far left side of where I was facing in my backyard. 2 other ones were going to the left from the far right side. The one moving to the right flew passed the two others. And one of the aircraft made a really sharp, smooth, hard turn around and followed after the other aircraft going to the right. This was very unusual, it was faster of turn than a fighter jet, or a helicopter can turn, containing the! same speed it had. The one still going to the left just continued on, so probably that was just a plane or something. Another thing is that, the only time you would see an airplane look like a boll of light, is if it is heading towards you, with its headlights or with its take off and landing lights on. But with these, I did not see a of the blinking lights that all of our airplanes and helicopters have. The 2 images are from Paint and they try to help depict what happened.
Jamie B.

– – – – – – – – – –
Severn Beach South Gloucester England – in the late 90’s
Neibours and I used to see balls of light nightly going across the sky making sharp turns.I myself after that time a few years on saw a large bright light following the flight of aircraft after they had gone. this was approximately 10.29 two nights in succession on the second night I reported it to the Cardiff airport as it was coming from that direction They said we don’t have anything of that description coming out of here. ( do you wonder why people keep quiet?)I live in what you call a trailer,a static caravan over here. One night in the same week it was fast clouds as I got home from work, I felt compelled to look straight up above my head and there was what looked like a half size moon it looked like it had dents in it. As I stood looking at it thinking ok I know you’re there it ! rose higher and higher until it was gone.The next day around 10.30am I was walking to the on site laundry when above the building to the right low in the sky about where you would see a helicopter flying, was this thing again only bright silver, big this time. If it was night maybe I would have thought copter except all of a sudden it threw sparks out.By the way it did not move all of this time.I just thought, whats the point saying anything about this, who would believe it? Also, when I was a kid( under ten) I woke up, again two nights in succession and I was standing at the top of the stairs.The stair case wall opposite seemed to be flickering red, I looked down to the bottom and there were two figures made of fire, so straight away I panicked and looked towards my parents bedroom which was in pitch blackness. I looked back at the figures who looked towards each other and thats all I know.I’m 64 now and my hair is standing up on my neck as I write this. I’d love to know ! what happened next, no-one else in 6 family members has experi! enced th is. Ive always known there is stuff going on. I saw the cigar shaped ufo in the mid 70’s at 4 o’ clock in the morning walking back home from a girlfriends house silently and slowly going about it’s business. THEY’RE REAL FOLKS! I’m not some kookoo nut job telling you this. I have no fear though, theyre not here to hurt me I know that.*****
– – – – – – – – – –
Laguna larga corpus christi, Texas – 1982 dont remember exact
one night me and a friend of mine went to bird island basin on padre island we fished and had a few drinks . and driving back the memory stops. the next thing we remember the old 68 chevy we were driving was parked in a grassy area on the laguna larga the laguna larga is a inter coastal water way . asking how did we get here there are no roads to this spot ,at the same time we see across 50 yards of water on a small island . a unidentifiable object hovering above the ground 4 feet this object was about 40 feet long 10 feet tall elongated diamond shape on its side . with a white dime glow just berrly moving like a bobbing motion .
at this point we become silent with our eyes wide open in disbelief that this was really happening . but it was real , at this time we notice the military trainer plains from aradmac corpus christi naval air station flying in a very large circle and we seemed to be the middle of that circle as the circle closed in on the unidentifiable object it started rising slowly to about 100 feet with light getting brighter tilted its axes point to around 45% and began moving 0 to 60mph then 60mph to light speed between 4 or 5 of the military plains circling and was gone . my friend and i lost several hours and some belongings only really talked about this one time it was almost like a sore subject were we abducted it some how changed our life’s . sorry no photos. but i beleve it was around the same time there was a crash in mexico and other reports .
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  1. San antonio tx July 3o/31st 2011<br />Last night around 1 or 2 am, i saw what i thought was a shooting star till i realized i would be able to finish that sentence and its still shooting across it was solid green low and a thick tail almost identical to mondays ft worth sighting. i also noticed a &quot;star&quot; but it had never been there it was bright and seemed to have a pulse. other stars

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