UFOs in the USA: Proof is on the News

All of these UFO sightings are from the last three years. Notice a pattern?

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  1. From Bible, no doubt a lot of such illusion happening from devil angel under Damon. The purpose of doing this is to drag people soul out from God to eternal pain. If really Alien exists, who made them?

  2. FACT is NOT illusion.<br />There is NO &quot;devil angel&quot;.<br />Life is NOT &quot;made&quot; by &quot;someone&quot; ~ it simply exists, like everything else in the universe.

  3. Pattern? If you call everyone reporting about, basically the same thing. It&#39;s a knee jerk reaction from 60 years of lies from the government. They try to be funny, but the seriousness of the subject comes through. There is now days, a thin undercurrent of both, dissbelief and acceptance that is understandibly confusing to people. Hopefully, events will soon transpire that put an end to the

  4. If everything in this universe exist by default or random, life is no meaning then…. Just a series of painful cyclic. Better eat, F to death.<br /><br />The end of the day, salvation is one on one with God. Believe or not is really none of my business. As Bible already said, when the time comes it will alike a thief. Read the Bible from John chapter 1 &amp; hope you will find the wisdom.

  5. God can not be offended. Damon is smart who knows people are chasing Alien then he simply follow what we want to see. When you believe in Alien high-tec stuffs, you will running away from simple belief -God creation. 2012 might not be end of our time but definitely will have massive change i human race. Time is close but should not be Dec 21, 2012 otherwise God has no face as human can predict

  6. Read this for your soul…..don&#39;t be fooled by damon! <br />Many UFO believers blame cattle mutilations, crop circles, abduction experiences, some nightmares, electronic disturbances, strange creatures such as Mothman and the Chupacabra, even some human disappearances and deaths on sinister gray aliens. If they don&#39;t blame the otherworldly, governments often take the blame. Is this the

  7. I must admit that there is the possibility that some of these sightings ARE indeed military craft or drones or some new space age shit we could never believe existed. Here is the thing though. It only takes ONE of the sightings to be a real extraterrestrial space craft. In my opinion more the one of them is real :). Governments lie and hide shit so that they can maintain control of the world

  8. Nice flares in the sky. Always want to thank the one&#39;s that send serious footage and true stories!(I can&#39;t say exactly what the orbs were. I DO KNOW our Government HAS and WILL experiment on lighting the night skies.I do enjoy reading other&#39;s comments.)Thank you.

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