UFO activity over Indianapolis, Indiana 28-Jul-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – This UFO activity was recorded over Indianapolis in U.S. state Indiana on Thursday, 28th July 2011.

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  1. when captain cook landed i Australia in 1770 the native people could not see the ships..the ships were outside of their comprehension maybe its the same thing and we cant comprehend the ships or they can bock our perception to such an extent that all we see is these little lights…

  2. This video of the lights over Indy is very similar to what I reported on June 29 and 30, at about 3am. Saw them twice. Left me slightly fearful.

  3. Awesome sighting video. Something it´s happening in the skies all over the world. What´s that?. Nobody knows Up to day , but all those things stay follow up to us.

  4. I've seen "in broad daylight" something shaped like that. Was traveling down a street in Anderson from north to south and looked up and a triangular object was hovering up in the air about 200 fit up? I could just see the front top of the object and there was no windows, no noise, and then it turned upward to where i could only see the bottom. There were no engines on the outside of

  5. amazing still video shot looking up don't you think? actually its more likley shot looking down at an overlook position. flashing light police visibar , and the light after that is the spotlight being shined into the trees at the side of the road where a auto was sitting. police show up coming from the right side of the light and turn on the visibar strobe which they do when stopping to

  6. Me ad my 10yerar old knoticed about 22 cars pulled over all pointing in the sky. So we stopped got out,and watched this beautiful spaceship watching all of us. It was the most v shney beautiful thing we ever saw. It was not from our lanet. Super tech.

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