UFO was seen and recorded flying over Mississippi, US 29-Jul-2011

UFO sightings – Strange bright unidentified flying objectwas recorded flying across the sky over Mississippi on Friday, 29th July 2011.
Witness report: We were outside and all of the sudden we saw something in the sky turned out it was a UFO. We watched the news and they were filming it to in the middle of a broadcast.
Author (DrakeBoe @ youtube)

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  1. I really want to know what these things are because I have seen them in the uk..exactly the same as this sighting..they blink out and then reappear..Im starting to wonder if this is some kind of natural phenomenon..maybe the 4th dimension appearing to us in the 3rd..who knows KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES

  2. Most probably a helicopter with searchlight. The cops turn them off if they think the light will cause a traffic accident by it's angle, make their adjustments, then turn it on again to resume search or surveillance.

  3. I'm a believer. And I know as more people see with an open mind the more these exciting and interesting sightings will unfold.

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