UFO sighting in California 4-July-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This UFO video was recorded in California on 4th of July 2011.
Witness report: On the 4th of july i witnessed a ufo. It was big and blue and moved rapidly. i dont have sound cause its just the screaching of the fireworks my neighbors are using. But this is a legit ufo in my mind i have no idea what it is
Author (geasslver @ youtube)

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  1. When they do come for real everyone is going to say they're fake.You got good evidence to me. They are already here in our inner space atmosphere and NASA knows about them. They (Government) are going to let us fin for ourselves. They will deny them even if they take over the whole world.

  2. It's neat footage, but I think there may be some debunking to be done. To be clear: I do not doubt the possibility/probability of life outside our own planet/galaxy. I do, however, think we are an incredibly excitable group and that making assumptions that other worldly visitors are focused or have it in for us is an egocentric and perhaps dangerous way of thinking.

  3. Looks like a large balloon with LED lights inside. There have been many fake UFOs using this same technique that look exactly like this.

  4. as you can see he said it moves rapidly taking out the possibility of a laturn or ballon. Also its californa who would lite a laturn when the tradition is fireworks

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