New Crop circles: Slovenia, UK and Illinois, US – June & July 2011

  • 24th & 29th June: Sv. Trojica, Slovenia
This crop circles were found in Sveta Trojica, Slovenske Gorice in Slovenia (central Europe). First 3 circles were reported on 24th June and another 3 circles were found near on 29th June.
Also a lot of strange activity was reported near by, people are talking about a positive energy and bright orbs were seen hovering above.

  • late June 2011: Beardstown, Illinois in United States in late June 2011

  • 4th July: Honeystreet near Alton Barnes in Wiltshire, United Kingdom
2nd and 3rd crop circles found on the same field.

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  1. The crop circles are in fact an alien message to we earthlings. The alien is trying to tell us something like where they came from, how they travel from one planet to another through worm hole or other means of teleportation. Also, some of the crop circles comes in many shapes that may reflect the galaxy where many civilizations may exist and many other information which we could not decipher and

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