UFO TV: The Message of the Pleiadians

UFO TV Presents: The Message of the Pleiadians

First hand contact by aliens from the Pleiades; are such startling claims amazing fact or outrageous fabrications? What meaningful information could these cosmic visitors possibly offer to Earth humans? Does a new Quantum-Physics world-view corroborate insights shared by these star-travelers? Does their ‘message’ foreshadow a revolutionary social/technological transformation of the human race? Judge the evidence.

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  1. Thanks a million for the documentary.This IS important news that is real.(I met Lt. Col. Wendell Stevens in Las Vegas,Nv, at a U.F.O. Convention –'93?.I was helping him with his slide presentation prior to his riveting lecture.One important question arose after knowing he lived[stayed]with Billy Meier for two weeks. I asked, "Did you see the Pleiadians?"His response astounded me.He

  2. Guys, you all fans and skeptics should read a thing, this thing is a book of 279 pg full and free download that is on a site: http://www.rael.org revenue, choose your language and there immediately appears with the home foreground the book: "the Message of the Creator," read before you judge, I was very impressed, because, going forward with the reading I noticed a certain logic and

  3. Is it plausible that because of the inter connectivity of consciousness many other humans realize this same concept.Meaning if one human can create this (meeting with aliens)others will have joined the same thought patterns to a small degree in of course different view points? If hypothetically speaking, I could fashion a thought projector system and persuade, say 100 people in various parts of

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