Latest crop circles from UK and Czech Republic – July 2011

  • 10th July; Dobrovice in Czech Republic
  • 19th July; Kostelec near Zlina in Czech Republic

  • 27th July; Chirlton near Devizes in Wiltshire, UK
  • 29th July; West Woodhay Down near Inkpen in Wiltshire, United Kingdom

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  1. West Woodhay Down CC indicates Gulf of Aden anomaly something is coming out of the stargate…<br />The &quot;serpent&quot; encircling and stinging around the world…

  2. 27th July; Chirlton CC implicates that the &quot;One-eyed Dajjal (being) or the anti-christ…<br /><br />Prior to this the &quot;Alien smoking a pipe&quot; stipulates that the parallel beings scent is getting stronger thus to avoid such is to …. &quot;smoke the peace pipe&quot;

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