New Testimony About the Suffolk UFO

August 9, 2011 – In December of 1980 in Rendlesham Forest, UK, something happened that has since been likened to the Roswell crash of US fame. United States military personnel were sent into Rendlesham forest to look for whatever was causing the strange display of lights from inside the forest. During the day US Air Force Colonel Conrad (at that time a base commander in the area) went into the forest. He found the markings on the trees and ground which were said to be evidence of a UFO landing. Colonel Conrad, however, remained unconvinced that these markings were definitively left by a UFO. Still, when he got back to base he selected a number of men to go investigate the area again.
The team that went in took a Geiger counter (who’s initial ‘high readings’ were later found to be within the normal margin for background radiation readings), night vision equipment, and a camera. After making an investigation that most of the men were satisfied with and finding nothing very remarkable, they returned back to the base. However, a few men stayed behind, one of them being Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt, who was in charge of the team. He remained in radio contact with Colonel Conrad, and at some point after the first group of men left, he claimed to see more lights on the ground and in the sky.
Colonel Charles, his wife, and a hand full of other men looked out into the clear night in the direction of the investigation, thinking to see the lights that Lieutenant Colonel Halt said he was seeing. Despite the fact that it was a clear night, none of the men outside the forest saw any lights. Another man that had stayed behind claimed to have touched an alien air craft when he returned.
Colonel Charles has recently revealed this information after nearly 30 years of silence on the subject. When nothing became of the investigation after that night, Lieutenant Colonel Halt claimed that a cover up was taking place, and Colonel Charles believed it was a hoax or an optical illusion that Lieutenant Colonel Halt had seen. (c) 2011

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  1. This report is pretty garbled. Which "Colonel Charles"? Is he different to Charles Halt? Someone no one has heard of before? Or did the author mean to writer "Colonel Conrad"? All in all, the piece looks like another Pentagon de-bunking hatchet job. There are too many military witnesses who still maintain they experienced something that was unconventional and unnerving.

  2. Hi….<br />The term UFO and alien is considered as the same thing now, (or at least to me, it is the same),<br /><br />because the UFOs always comes to our earth with some aliens inside. Thanks for your nice post.

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