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Your UFO reports:  21st August – 28th August 2011
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Dauphin, Manitoba Canada – 28/08/2011
A Large (way bigger than an air plane) Triangular formation of red blinking lights silently glided over our house aprox.12:30am on August 28th. We were sitting outside on a patio when we all noticed it hovering over and blocking out stars. The lights were about the size of stars, and were in a V-shape (Like how Geese fly ), it was silent but very noticable.
The lights did not seperate , and were evenly spaced . There was a series of small red lights and one blue blinking light in the middle. We were very fasinated and surprised and didn’t have the chance to take a picture.
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between Cantonment and Molino Florida – 5/28/11 11:57am
I was outside with my camera Nikon D60 DSLR looking for things to take pictures of when a blackhawk helicopter flew over head. I started taking pictures of the helicopter. 5 pictures total as it passed over the house. well I didnt see anything unusual in the photos until I transfered them to computer 3 days ago from the memory card. and that is when I noticed that in 2 of the pictures there appears to be objects in the sky out in front of the helicopter. One picture is a white orbish object that appears to be at very high altitude in about the 10 o’clock position off the nose of the helicopter. In one of the other pictures there is a black cigar shaped object that appears to be at much lower altitude and is almost directly in front of the helicopters flight path. hard to judge altitude! and distance but the picture clearly shows the object. I looked very closely at the other pictures that I took but there does not appear to be anything in those. I have not altered these pictures in anyway as I dont have a picture editing program, but would love to see these pictures with negative filters and things like that. Can you do some photo analysis/enhancing and get back to me on that? What are your thoughts on what might be in those pictures? thanks

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Terre Haute, Indiana – 08/27 /2011
At 1:57 A.M at the corner of 25th and Dean a bright light trough the sky spit into three bright lights and went into different. Direction.
White first then changed to blue one going east and one going south
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near Downsview airport, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – 26-27th August, 2011
At about 11:30 pm on Aug 26th, 2011, I sat on my verandah and noticed a flickering light in the sky, with flashing red light. As I’m near an airport, didn’t think too much of it, except that this light was much higher than most planes, and I noticed that the light was not moving.
I ended up watching it for about 45 minutes and saw a number of unusual things.
The light flickered, but was not stationary. It seems to hover in position, but from time to time would rapidly adjust, usually by moving to the left.
The size, brightness and even shape of the light seemed to vary. At times it appeared small but bright, like a star. More often, it was quite bright and seems to vary in shape – often looking more cigar shaped, as if lights were being shone from its sides. There was a bit of a luminous glow when this happened to also aid that impression.
More unusual were the colored lights. At times I could clearly see a single red light at the top of the white light, that flashed like a slow strobe light.
Other times, I could see a series of red lights, sometimes quite sharply defined, that then seemed to spin, usually clockwise.
At times a blue light shone, that seemed more like a spotlight in quality, larger than the red lights, but not lasting as long, with fewer strobes. The strobes were less frequent though, and didn’t last as long.
Even less frequently, there seemed to be small green lights, that flickered, then spun, mixed with blue lights, then ending with red lights, like a spinning band of light, around the top then middle of the flickering white light.
Then the lights would stop and it would just be a flickering white light for a while.
After about 20 minutes, I noticed what almost looked like sparks of light shooting off the main light, though they were quite dim. I saw about 5 white spin offs.
Then, close to midnight, I clearly saw a red light come off the main bright light in a bit of an arc, going down and to the right, then stop. The movement was almost exactly like a spider jumping off a web. Then the red light “line” stopped.
I saw a few more, larger white spin offs, but not as big or obvious a trail as the red light.
After a few minutes, a saw another clear red light “line”, but this started from above the white light, starting from the top left, and a red line of light came down and met the main flickering white light. The location was almost exactly opposite where the red light had come down earlier.
Again a few more “sparks” of white light appeared around the main flickering light over the next few minutes, but none as bright, and most did not show a light trail.
After a few more minutes, I saw what almost looked like a fat lightning strike coming down from the centre of the flickering white light (no sound). It came down about the same distance as the red light earlier.
A couple more “sparks” after that too.
What an eerie feeling, once I saw the offshoots from the main light.
After that light show, the main light seemed to wane for a few minutes, and seems to be farther away.
After a short while the blinking red lights and occasional blue lights, sometimes strobe, sometimes spinning, began again. This time the lights were harder to make out, and more dim, as if from further away.
It was starting to get a bit too cool for me by this time, and so I went in.
I sent an email to a local news site (cp24), with some of these details, and then went looking online to see who else may have seen this strange phenomenon.
I was so relieved to see that someone else had seen something similar, even though it is very far away!
Anna L
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Brunsum, Netherlands – Aug. 26, 2011
I was taking the trash out of the garage at 6:27 am and all of a sudden a strange red blinking light was circling a house about 20 blocks away. A strange beam shot down and two thinga came running out of the woods towards the beam. The two things were tall, one legged, and were wearing blue aluminum like jump suits.
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Sliema, Malta, Europe – 26/08/2011
It’s strange that 48 hrs before the fireball in Chile, the same was seen in Malta:
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Lawtown, Massachusetts – 8/26/11
A very good large file excellent craft footage from 13min to 20 min please post I have so much more they are around on a nightly basis. I would love to get someone up here with some quality camera equipp.They hav been here since mid july and are still here but for how much longer????I am a 44yr old father of 3 married 25 yrs no drug use or drinking just a level headed guy with a weird hobby thank you
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Miami, Florida – 26th August 2011

I saw this on youtube this morning…
Youtube video link:
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V street, Fort Smith, Arkansas – 25, 26 August, 2011
My friend and i were walking to the Kum&Go, when we see an unusually bright star and debate on its origin and what not and then see a brighter multi-color flashing object in the sky. Appeared to be round with the lights moving around it in a beautiful spectrum of red blues green yellows pinks and white, ive never seen anything like it. It sat for at least hours occasionally hovering to the left or right. I called my girl friend and her and her dad documented it for an hour watching it move a little here and there. The object was again outside last night but in a little different position but moving alot more this time, its as if you can see the bottom of the craft and the lights moving around it in a circle. 26th of august the craft seemed to be a little higher up and more faint and! after watching it for 20 minutes the object slowly fainted, this was all around 12:30-2am.
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Arlington, Texas – 8-25-2011
I faintly saw something that looked like a star moving in the sky at about an inch every 1.5 sec. No blinking lights like planes have. It looked like it was higher than ive seen any plane go. I have never seen anything like it before in my life.
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Asuncion, Paraguay – 24/08/11
Hey this is the last sighting in asuncion paraguay, it was behind the “Palacio de los Lopez”(the white house of paraguay) in asuncion downtown, I dont know weather fake or not, but you should analize it.
This was filmed not further than a week, bacause the Palace is Been painted right know and the workers just finished the top of the building (which was cover by and structure in order to paint it) in conclusion the video was filmed in thi august, probably between August 21 – 24(most prob.)
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Northeast of Des Moines,IA 3 miles, Iowa – 8/24/11
While laying on our porch facing west and gazing at the stars I observed one orange sized brightly glowing object move rapidly and silently from south to northwest. At the same time a passenger jet (i assume) was traveling a similar direction roughly two miles east (closer to my position) and when it got close to the general area as the light, the light went out and did not return.
It occured at 9:30pm, with excellent viewing conditions.The event lasted no more than a minute or two.
Oscar B
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California, San Diego,spring valley, zip 91977 – 8-24-2011
i have no pictures.i was opening the door to my truck about 8:20 pm…i saw a triangle UFO over my head about going 15-20 miles per hr..just gliding over me heading west towards the had no light’s and it was about 100 ft or so over me no noise completely silent…i don’t no if it is gov. or from some where was amazing thats for sure..
do you know if anyone else has reported this too? it looked like it was black.
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Arcade, New York – August 23, 2011
Between the hours of 11:00 pm and 2:30 am my two friends and I saw a multitude of crafts that were nothing like anything I’ve seen in the sky. They were primarily red and white flashing lights such as on an airplane or weather baloon, but they bobbed, hovered, and flew in inconsistent flight patterns, along with very inconsistent light patterns. Three times they flew close enough to hear an engine, and when they were not solitary there would be a brighter one next to a triangle or sometimes parallelogram shaped cluster of dimmer ones and in the case of the four craft arrays, the two bottom corners would move closer and farther away from each other very clearly. We saw them clearly come closer and rapidly go far away into the sky and it appeared the ones that we concentrated on more in! tensely not only danced and bobbed more but came closer. There were so many that we were convinced many others would have to have seen them, but nobody appears to have seen them.
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Bradenton Florida Grey hawk landing – 8/23/11
Two bright green lights moving fast sometimes they changed formation.
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Appenzell, PA (Pennsylvania) – August 23, 2011
About 1100 pm three lighted objects appeared over our house in the Poconos. They seemed to be following my movement on the back deck. The lights rotated in a circular manner. altitude was hard to determine as was size. Last Saturday night a single light was above the house (20th)at about 215am. No video. My husband woke up Saturday night and attributed the brightness to the moon.
H Traub
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Covina, CA – 8/23/2011
Bright light noticed while driving westbound on the 10freeway. One large light turned into two and into three rather quickly. They formed a straight line and a triangle. they began moving further away and the would get closer. pulled off the freeway on Azusa to take video however, they were gone. once back on the freeway I didn’t see the lights any longer. This was about 9:40pm.
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Benevento, Italy – 08-23-2011
Again UFO on San Gregorio Matese. A young girl, Iameo D, on 07-24-2011, at 17:30, took pictures with her camera Nikon_D_310. After seeing the photos, she noted strange “black points” in the skye. She thought it was bird or bugs or something known. So she sent photo to Centro Ufologico di Benevento Mars Group Campano for the analysis. The investigations and the analysis showed that they are undefined flying object, but non necessary alien object. The details will be visible in a short time on the CUBMG’s website On the website is also visible the video trailer of the sighting, posted on “CUFOM CHANNEL” of youtube. There have been other sightings in the past at San Gregorio Matese: the case of the witness Golini Sandro and Buompane Salvatore.
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Hesperia, California – 8/22/2011

took a picture of weird cloud formation with my phone while i was coming home from las vegas and when i uploaded to my computer i found bright orbs in the clouds in the picture visible to the naked eye and another unidentified object that appears in the bottom center
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Mullaloo, Perth, Western Australia – August 22nd 2011

I was driving along Ocean Reef Road from Mullaloo and looked up and saw a strange object fly extremely fast into the clouds. I kept looking at the sky and did not see it again. Much, much faster than a plane. It was approximately 6:20 pm.
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Selby, North Yorkshire, England, UK – 22/08/2011

time now is 22.30pm as my wife and i where sat in our back garden chatting after a busy day at our work i put my head back to look up at the sky.i remarked that the stars were out,,and as i looked up at star i realised that it was moving at great speed heading east south east.i could not belive what i was seeing it shone very very bright then it went out of sight…i looked for a wile but saw nothing….but as i looked further i could see this star returning from the same direction it first went….i couldent belive it to see it twice was great..the speed that it moved was realy fast but not as a shooting star but faster than any plane. jet.blackbird. you name it.i tried to take a video of it but my fone battery went dead.never done that before ?????.but the wife saw it too..bloody amaz! ed..but not my first sighting of this kind. but its been a few years….
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Campulung Moldovenesc – Romania – Eastern Europe – 22 august 2011

i was taking zoom shots at a mountain peak nearby, it was around 10 AM, clear skies, no wind. Then i checked the camera ..
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Rome, Italy – 22 Agosto 2011
Youtube video link:
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22/8/2011 – 10.00pm to 10.30 pm
Hi as you people may have heard what iam going to say a thousand times a day and more well your going to hear it all again… here gose.
as myself and my wife were sat out in our back garden this evening we were talking about our day at work.
i put my head back relaxing and looked up at the stars…then i realised that one star was moveing !!!!!!!!
as i realised this i said to my wife look at that the object still looked like a star but it was moving very very fast heading east south east…sudenly it shone realy bright then went out of sight i thourght what id seen was great… but some five minuets later i looked up and saw it again…..i was awestruck..not once but twice

i did some estimations this time. and it was so fast but… not as fast a shooting star as ive seen them before this object was moving so fast that it could not have been a normal jet or airforce stuff this was …out of this world….realy…..but as i got my mobile fone out to try and capture it in the night sky….. daft idea yeah i know now… but the strange thing was my fone battery went dead on me…… i was horrified the wife saw this too and that made me feel better.. as i was saying how fantastic it was to see this it came back i was so stuned. amazed.and many other things. i dont realy see these things that often.. but i have seen them quite a few times in my life. iam 50 yrs old and feel like a kid when this happens……..
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Oakley CA on main st. east – 8-21-11

I am totally freaked out. Im sorry i cant type right now. Ok Ok I seen 6 UFO in Oakley CA. We pulled over on the road and started taking pics and video then while trying to follow thelights I saw a police offier Told my frind to pull over I have to tell the cop she said NO he’ll think we are crazy after I screamed at her she pulled over as I started talking to the cop he interuped and said I know the flying objects in the sky, I started yelling and told him everything I saw he said I saw the same thing and called travis air force base and they have no planes in the sky. He gave me his card and said if I go missing please report this and if you really want to call channel two new. What we saw COULDNT BE A AIR CRAFT even if we wanted it to be. two set of lights. one shaped as an oval the ! other a tringle. then they broke off into six little objects. they hovered over and are for a long time then started coming closer then futher away again. I didnt explain how we first seen them, Close to us in front of the highway rightn infront of us. to low to ever be a plan and we followed them to the spot where they hovered. loghts were blinking all around them. HAVE VIDOE TOO! O AND ALSO OUR ELECTRONIC STRTED GOING ON AND OFF HAVE VIDEO OF THAT ALSO
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Eastlake – Otay Lakes, San Diego, Ca. – 08/21/2011
a Spheric type ufo was visible during 20 minutes in static mode until it move toward the east.
Youtube video link:
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Little Sandhurst, UK – 21 aug 2011

Was reading a notice board opposite our house when a white speck came from behind a roof of an opposite house. First I thought it was a bird but it was travelling in a very straight line. It looked very high so I then thought plane or even orbiting satellite but it was going at quite a speed. Just before it went behind cloud cover it did a very quick letter z motion in the sky before it vanished. I jus stared in otal confusion and awe!!!
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Madrid, Quatro Vientos, Spain – 21/08/2011
An UFO cought over Quatro Vientos in Madrid during the vigil of the JMJ 2011.
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south Africa in pretoria, the waverly area – 20 August 2011

At 11:27 me and my BF saw something flying very fast and it looked like a triangular shape as the light reflected bright orange and then red.. And then it disappeared. As we got into the car about to leave we saw another. Got out and looked then another came flying after the second one.. Also a bright orange colour and turning red. It moved at a super spead and then both disappeared in a blink of an eye!!
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Rialto CA, at night on my back yard with my family – 08/20/2011
i was with my family outside the house talking to my husband on satuday agost the 20th ,when my younger boy named christopher told us look mom and dad ,that start is moving and fast, at first I did,t believe him but when my housbband, kids and I turn we did saw this small and kind of pale start moving from left to right and fallow it with our eyes untill it fainted in the dark sky. everyone got scare icluding my husband and they all walked in the house, but I stood outside wayting to see if it re apear and it did reapear like 7 minutes later but this time it wen from right to left and then once again banish in the sky, untill it reappear going again from left to right but this time the light on it got so bright and stood like that for around 3 to 4 seconds untill it started to fait away! once again in the knigt sky. this time only my 11 year old christopher saw it and got relly scare and ask me to go iside the house. I’m ot scare with this fenomenon because I have seen it several times before when i was at High school, and when i was at Guatemala I also saw it too but it was diferent because it looked like star wars I mean it seems like they were shooting at each other.
pleople I have mention my storyes dont belive me, but i know what I saw and tomorow I will keep searching to see if can see them again around the same time I saw it on the 20th. I hope I had a good camara to take pictures and or video to show them all what Im talkig about and they can see with their eyes the truth about it. and uncover everithing the goverment is hidding for manny years from us. thanks for reading mypublication and -mail me if you have questions please. sicerally. ileana from Rialto CA.
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Lake Erie (Port Franks), USA – August 20th
Three orangish orbs a few hundred feet up, perhaps over water.
it was around midnight
non linear flight, seemed to float around, eventually flew of in seperate directions
Very strange.
Richard and Kathy T
– – – – – – – – – –

New Zealand, Auckland – 20 Aug 2011

Me and a few mates were out side having a smoke, as you do when your out side you tend to look at the starts. it was a clear night and one of my mates said “Whats that?” pointing in the sky. We all looked up. It looked like a parachute on fire. Then it started glowing bigger and moving to the left. Then to our realize it had to be a ufo. Looking at it more and more a red ring formed around it. then it got smaller and smaller like it was heading back into space slowly looking like a star.
– – – – – – – – – –

Columbia, TN (Tennessee) – 08-20-2011

Around 8:45 pm I went outside to take some trash out. I looked up to view the stars and I saw something that looked like a parachute. It didn’t appear to look black but a deep rust color, but again it’s night. This “thing” had no lights and made no sound. I watched it as far as I could. It seemed to be gliding in a straight path. The city next to us, Mr. Pleasant, has a small airport so I’m thinking that maybe it could be a “glider”, but it didn’t have any lights. I have never seen a UFO before and I’m not sure if this is either, but it was something that made me question! I don’t know who to call or what to do about this, but I would really like to know what it was. Could someone (other than armed forces) parachute at night? And what about a glider, can they be in t! he sky without lights? If someone reads this, can you write back to me and possibly explain what this might have been? I would really like to know!
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Independence, MO (Missouri) – 8-20-11

Unfortunately no video or pics as surface street lighting was too bright and all I had on me was phone camera. Large group of blue lights(40-60 I would say), and 1 red/white alternating but not consistant light swirling and moving in random directions from East to West over Independence,MO this evening on 8-20-11 at approximately 10:15-10:30PM. Significant enough to cause me to pull over twice to observe, and observed by multiple other separate parties in the area. Just wondering if anyone got pics or video? No way this was balloons… lasted too long, lights were too bright, and moving in too many random directions to be air currents. Wow, 4 of us stopped at the same location and watched as we all questioned what they could be. I have never seen anything of this type nor ever made a re! port like this, but it wasw as real as could be.
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Russia – UFO fleet – 20.08.2011

Sighting of great importance!
Youtube video link:

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On the evening of 8/20/2011 I was observing a bright orb in the northwestern sky, hovering just as it had for several nights previous. With the naked eye you could see that it was changing colors at a rapid rate, so I got a Canon Digital SLR camera and tried to zoom in on it, but the viewfinder went dark on me several times when I tried to shoot it. Thinking it must have been the batteries, which I had just changed the day before, I kept firing away until I got one out of seven shots to take. It turned out better than expected, so I’d like to share this with the world.
– – – – – – – – – –
Freeport, New York – August 20, 2011
My father, brother and I were at a wedding last night (August 20th). I looked into the sky, trying to entertain myself, and noticed 5 very bright, out of place ‘stars’. They began moving, changing speeds, circling around each other, crossing over one another, and zig-zagging. I nudged my dad, who, in his lifetime of studying astronomy and reading Sky and Telescope magazine, was astounded and speechless. We watched them with a feared curiosity as they traveled North East. In about 2 and a half minutes, they stopped moving and began fading away, as if they were traveling out into the atmosphere.
I’ve seen those lights twice this month. It was always just one though, traveling South West and then fading into the dark.
– – – – – – – – – –
Victoria, BC, Canada – august 20, 2001
It was a clear night , friends and I were outside in the back yard around a fire hanging and chatting.A friend noticed a fast moving bright light, we first thought it was a satellite as it was moving in a straight line but then it suddenly began to make a turn just as a plane with obvious flashing lights flew in its path but at a lower atltitude. This crossing gave us an idea of its size and speed,it was 3 to 4 times larger and twice as fast as the plane. It then continued in its new direction and made a zigzag motion before we lost track of it behind the horizon. We then talked about we saw and we agreed it was obviously not a plane and neither a satellite, they don’t turn and zigzag and was much to bright and fast.
I then came to the site to see and possibly confirm what we saw and there was another sighting on the same date and time across the country with the same description down to the zigzag motion. I know and feel in my gut this was in fact a real sighting, i have always been a believer and will continue to be.
– – – – – – – – – –

Amado, AZ (Arizona) – 8/18/2011
we took 2 pictures the sunset…when I uploaded the 2 pics I thought I had a smudge on the lens..turns out we did not…the first picture you see a bird in flight, above that and to the right is a smaller image..

The second pic is of an object in the upper right hand corner. We also checked pics before and after these 2 were taken…please make me feel foolish…ooops..I loaded out of order

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Paris, France – 20-8-2011
At 14h40 I was sitting on my balcony and saw a very bright light moving very fast across the sky. It slowed down, turned and moved off very fast.
A few minutes later two more crossed the sky and went in the same direction.
This was followed by two more that circled the sky and went of in different directions, again super fast.
It was broad day light. People must have seen them but there was nothing in the news. What are these things?
– – – – – – – – – –
York, Maine – AUG 18 2011
This per say has not been a sighting but something very werid has been going on. My friend who lives in Portland has called me saying that when he tried to place a call to his mother the call had been intercepted and all he could hear on the line was very heavy breathing and some sort of weird language he was not accustomed to hearing… He hung up and called his mom back and the first thing she asked was if he had heard those noises as well. He confirmed that he did and has been trying to figure out what that could of been. Yesterday the same exact thing happened to me. I tried calling my cousin and instead of getting my call connected with her it connected to something else… Same exact idea, very heavy breathing and it almost sounded like some sort of dialect… I made sure it wasn’! t a fax number that I tried calling and called my cousin back again. I asked her if she had heard what was on the other line and she said she hadn’t even received my call… I called AT&T a minute ago to try and figure out if that was happening just to me or if it was happening to others. They denied that anything like this was happening to others which kind of made me wonder. I am sending this report to try and figure out if this is happening to others like myself.
– – – – – – – – – –
Berwick upon Tweed, England – 17th August 2011
It was 04:30 in the morning and still dark outside. Just before I left to go to work I was sat in the conservety at home. I looked outside into the sky from where I was sitting and looked directly at an object flashing up above. It was at a great height and most certainly was’nt a plain as the object was hovering. some could say it was a helicopter but trust me it was’nt. The entire object was flashing red green and a nomal clear colour. the flashes were not in any perticular order the lights just seemed to continue to flash in whatever order. To be honest I could not believe what I was seeing it was completely out of the ordinary. I left the house with my dad (whom I did not mention the sighing to) to go to the car. When I left the house the object was still in the same position. Not m! oving only flashing all 3 colours. Sometimes all at the same time, and sometimes only one colour at a time. By the time we had got in the car reached speed and turned as many corners I had lost visual. I watched it for atleast 5 minuites and it was breath taking. I have not seen anything like this before. There is nothing anyone could say to me to make me believe this was’nt a UFO. I seen it with my own eye’s . I have lived in the same house for 15 year and that was strange. Never in all my life did I think I would see a UFO a convincing one at that. It just does’nt seem real. I wont forget that day. It was there right up above me.
– – – – – – – – – –
Malta – 14th August 2011
Around 10pm – brighter than usual light/ with binoculars saw a round object with golden circular light all around.
Flew over until it disappeared at a far away distance. South east to west. Seen by 10 people.
Tried to take picture but could not see it through a camera as it was moving further away .Took pics just in case but
All pics came pitch black. When tried to open camera again after a while, strangely batteries were run out.
Around 11.30pm – Flickering light at a far away distance. North east of Malta. With binoculars saw object in a static position which
Which then slowly got further and further away. Seen by 10 people
– – – – – – – – – –
Halden, Østfold 1 hour from Oslo – 13 august aprox 22:14
I have a video clip of what we saw, it will be published later on. But we saw the same light that where flying over oslo, we did not se all 31 of the objects. We saw only one of them. It had this glowing orange light as it changed velocity, then it turned green and dissapeard up in the sky.
– – – – – – – – – –
Spain – 09/08/2011
I was staying at my fathers house which is in the mountains of spain. I woke up at about 3am to use the bathroom, and out of no where there was this deep humming, pulsating, vibration…sounded like it was within 30ft above the roof, never heard anything like it before. everything metal in the bathroom was shaking like it was reacting to a magnet…then it just came to a slow sound…and stopped.
– – – – – – – – – –
Alta Loma, CA – 8-1-2011
Im not sure about the exact date, since only now after much thought I really feel the need to post this sighting.It was only a few weeks ago, when my friend and I came back to my house after a little driving. We were standing next to my car in the road while trying to figure out what to do. I looked in the sky (it was about 4pm, so it is broad daylight, but not bright.)I saw a silver pod looking floating soundless craft. It was perfectly still, about 2000 feet hight, looked about the size of a trailer.I told my friend “what the hell is that dude”, we both saw it so i was not seeing things. We were staring at it for literally 30 minutes and it was just floating perfectly still in same spot. Then I swear a little door or something opened, and a very small stringy lookingprobe ca! me out! it hovered next to the pod for as bit and slowly moved away to the east. The craft remained in the air for hours after, and eventually we lost track.I am very honest about this, and if anyone knows anything about these, or have seen them please report them!
– – – – – – – – – –
South Oregon – July 18, 2011
With the author’s permission, I am sending you this great video sighting filmed in South Oregon by You Tube user whotookmymojo. Here is the author’s note: “The video was made public per request due to the special quality of capturing a stationary object above the trees. Part way through the clip I shine the flashlight in the direction of the display to show perspective as lights begin to illuminate and blink in configuration. “
The footage is available to see on You Tube at:
– – – – – – – – – –

Cabildo, Chile – 15th June 2011

[direct translate from Spanish] attached photos taken on 6/15/2011 in the V region of Cabildo, guayacan industry, region of Valparaiso, Chile. It deals with no flash and digital camera from light, the person who took the photo at no time aware of the presence of this light
– – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – –

Mallorca – 12th June 2011

– – – – – – – – – –
Skys over Port St. Lucie, Florida – May, June, July 2011
Several times in May, June and July of this year I noticed something in the sky that had what seemed to be stobing colored lights that would repeat. I would swear they were going around or back and forth on an object. I kept saying I am going to have to get binoculars eventually I did and thought for sure a ufo was what I saw. It kept coming back and it was always @ 3 in the morning. I have had an insomnia problem. Finally I decided I am going to try and get a picture well I did and one of them shows what I would call abeing on it. I have copied all pics to a disc but one of them I have left in my camera so I do not lose it. Funnier thing is I keep sensing a sound of something hovering which prompts me to get up. On two occasions I saw the ufo in the air and a beam of light from i! t to the ground. Gave me the creeps. I keep having a feeling of stay away from the windows so they do not see you.
I see 2 beings in the photo, one in the upper left corner appears whitish or bluish and then the 2nd being to the right of my flash reflection it is greenish,with what appears to be horns and a collar like thing.
Tried sending phot having trouble
– – – – – – – – – –
Bahrain – 12/march/2011
first id like to say we didnt think that it was ufo but in the second day we saw smell light like a star but it was moveing from place to place and we that it was an army plane but we didnt here any noise or sound and it was moveing so fast and it was gonne and we didnt see it again until a week later but thier was more than one light it was like five or six maybe more and they where in the same place but every one left and we didnt see where it gonne because they were so fast we did take a video but we deleted because no one will belive us
– – – – – – – – – –

Palmer, South Australia – 5th March 2011

At about 3pm on Saturday, 5th of March 2011, we were travelling east on the Mt Pleasant to Palmer Road on our way to Mannum SA. We were photographing the scenery with a Fujifilm 10.2 Mega pixels digital camera. As the Murraylands area appeared we noticed increasing numbers of locusts (hoppers) in the fields along side of the road. We didn’t see any aerial activity at the time other than insects to about 3 metres above the ground. I’ve reviewed the photographs since returning home and this is the only one that had objects in it. So far we have counted six that seemed to be about 2 kilometres away. Sorry if magnification online is poor. 4.868 Meg Pic. Six UFOs Wheres Wally?
Objects circled in red in second copy. 714Kb Pic. Six UFOs Palmer SA Locations

– – – – – – – – – –

Saddle Rock Golf Course, Parker Colorado – June 14, 2010

A really great friend of mine Gino, took me to a golf tournament at Saddle Rock, I believe in the video I said Saddle Ridge. Gino had 2 of his close friends come with us so we could just get out, have fun, and support a great cause. The Tournament was a fund raiser for one of his buddies that had past away and they hold it once a year. We started the day off with mimosas, a roll call, and went at it. While we were playing I was looking at the sky and saw this object right beneath the clouds but as high as them. You will notice that the clouds are moving and the object is not…sort of. I believe this not to be balloons because they would be moving with the wind currents. A Kite could not move on the axis it was moving while just being stationary. I am very awe struck to this day. I am glad the public can see this and hope we can figure this out.
I swear I have seen this object before on the internet, then I happen to capture one while I was out playing golf. Go to here and please help us figure out what it is!
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  1. Crypta your ccd is dirty. If you shoot into a white sky and turn your aperture all the way down to f22 or f16 you will clearly see all the "orbs"

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