Stationary UFO above Auckland in New Zealand 2-Aug-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – Two linked bright lights were recorded hovering in the sky above Auckland in New Zealand on Tuesday, 2nd August 2011.

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  1. Good catch !<br />I think it&#39;s actually 2 craft that sends light between them (for whatever reason) but they certainly don&#39;t act like &quot;normal&quot; aircraft.<br />I&#39;ve always believed in a greater power out there but I usually dismissed most pics &amp; videos of UFOs as fakes, it&#39;s only been over the last few years that I&#39;ve researched UFOs<br />&amp; seen some very

  2. Hmmm A plane, can you guys that call this a plane please explane to me what sort of plane.. 1. Just sits in the sky<br />2. Has lights on it like that &quot;plane&quot; <br />(I was watching a number of planes in the Christchurch sky last night and ALL of them has flashing wing lights like all other planes)<br />3. Dont you think the uploader would be able to tell the diffrence between a plane

  3. I was watching a similar airplane just a little later in time to this with a strange flight path, after a few minutes you could clearly see the winglet lights, just like in this video. So i&#39;m sorry to the 150 or so people that think it is an ET spacecraft, in this case it is clearly a plane, probably a little cessna.<br /><br />I did see a real UFO some months back, which was NOT a plane,

  4. I was watching the same plane, from a different angle, so I feel sorry to the 150 people that thought it was n ET spacecraft.

  5. I would like to see the passsenger plane that can stay airbourne not lose altitude at a speed of between 10 &amp; 30klms/hr as this or these were doing, I will gladly concede if someone can prove otherwise.<br />I suggest that the quick to judge break out their slide rule or calculator, calculate the speed &amp; reassess your conclusion.<br />It has always been easier to dismiss something out of

  6. the plane is coming straight at the camera, thats why it looks like its not moving. planes have big spotlights on the front, just like that.

  7. Ok, for all you plane junkies. I want you to take a minute or two and compare the Lake Erie lights. Some of them look exactly the same!!! I mean exactly!. So before you go dismissing everything as a plane, take a min and do a lil research. Also, give the person filming the benefit of the doubt that they are at least halfway intelligent and can discern between a plane and something else. Dont get

  8. We saw something similar to these lights over Auckland last night at about 11pm 3.8.11. As we watched the sky tower blink from Great Barrier Island (an exceptionally clear night!), we noticed a large bright light hover above it and assumed it was a plane. Then it began to move more like a helicopter up and down and sideways. But then it headed toward Coromandel at a speed too fast for a

  9. Unfortunately, some of us who comment under anonymous have NO other choice, so it&#39;s either make up a ficticious name which is the same as using Anon OR not comment at all.<br />There ARE some objects currently under review that we are unable to currently track pure &amp; simple, the answer to that is only 1 of 2 possibilities.

  10. to put the plane thing to bed… simply contact the Auckland airport and the Whenuapai air base and inquire… after locating approx location and time of this capture…which has not been mentioned by the way?<br /><br />I know extraterrestrial vehicles visit, as we all do that have half a brain, however Gov&#39;s around the world have extraordinary &#39;black project&#39; craft we know little,

  11. On Saturday 30th July at 6.30am I saw a large UFO Orb just before Kaiwaka. It definately wasn&#39;t a plane as it flew right past our car and then travelled up and down in close proximity to the left of us and disappeared behind a large bush area. 15 minutes later we saw a much smaller UFO orb by the Dome Valley by Warkworth that zig zagged very fast and then took off with lightening speed up

  12. There does seem to be more than average sightings in NZ, Aust, Chile &amp; Sth Africa lately, maybe there&#39;s something going to happen soon in the Sth Hemisphere. It is more than coincidence I feel that sightings increase greatly in areas before phenomena happens. This does not help us though as we don&#39;t know what to safeguard against if anything.<br />I sincerely hope the day will come

  13. Clearly a 737 with a red filter over the vid. Those are landing lights and the beacon can ever be seen as it gets closer. UFO&#39;s don&#39;t obey aviation lighting rules, nor do they need landing lights 🙂

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