Triangle UFO above Fresno, California – August 2011

UFO sightings – Triangle-shaped craft was recorded above Fresno in California this month (in August 2011).
Witness report: 4.30 a huge BRIGHT UFO came accross the sky north to south. very low i saw one huge light i continued to film i then can see 2 bright lighte from the side and back of this fast moving silent craft. camera was sony trv 103 10 times zoom set on night vision. over west coast
Author (ufoattacks @ youtube)

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  1. The ufo towards the end with the three lights is the exact same ufo i saw tonight in Tucson, Arizona! at first i thought it might be a plane until i saw it stop and hover in the same spot for a about a minute then move again in the opposite direction, then flicker out, appear again and get really bright, then flicker out again.

  2. I wasn&#39;t impressed in the beginning as it was nothing more than a somewhat bright light moving in a decent-paced linear direction, but seeing the second light appear interested me a bit more.<br /><br />Off the top of my head, I can&#39;t think of anything logical it could have been…*all* commercial planes have blinking lights on their wings and fuselage, and I believe military aircraft are

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