UFO activity over Wiltshire, UK 25-Jul-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – This UFO footage was recorded in the night sky above Wiltshire in United Kingdom on 25th July 2011.
Witness report: On this amazing Monday night (25.07.2011) I had a chance to observe and film UFO’s for nearly 3 hours. What a light show it was!. Many orbs wore dancing in the sky and felt like I was invited for this party 😉 At the time I only wished to have a better camera and optics, and never-less I am still happy with my Sony HDR-SR10E. Having over 10GB of this event footage in HD, I would like to sell to documentarist if interested. There is much more UFO action to see in early evening (bright blue sky) too.
Author (ilgainis @ youtube)

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  1. why do people insist on putting music with these sightings.it really takes away from the validity.,and gives it a circus type atmosphere???????

  2. I agree with Anonymous, we really don't want to know what the videographer's cheesy and execrable taste in music happens to be. We are just not interested. Its really embarrassing if you want to show the video to somebody else. You have to keep apologizing for the dreadful and boring music.

  3. We are on the verge of the most amazing story and break through in our exsistence and you are worried about making money from your video? And people wonder why the aliens havent landed yet? The actual video quality of the movie is almost worthless.

  4. ive seen something very much like this in portsmouth about 4 or 5 monthsago around 10 pm it was hovering for about 3 mins and then just disapeared

  5. complete fake,lower horizon edge moves relative to the flickering star,planet,helicopter direction of travel.not at any time did it move without the ground moving with it. real ufo's move past fixed objects, make sharp impossible turns, slow and speed up unlike anything man made .

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