C2C: UFOs on the Record 3-Aug-2011

UFOs on the Record with Leslie Kean and George Noory
Radio Coast to Coast AM
Wednesday, 3rd August 2011

During the middle two hours of Wednesday’s show, investigative journalist Leslie Kean discussed firsthand accounts of UFO encounters including reports from top military generals and pilots. She looked at the 5% of cases that can’t be explained in official aviation/government investigations. One such incident was the November 2006 UFO incursion at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, seen by witnesses on the ground at the United Airlines terminal at 4:30 in the afternoon for about 8-10 minutes before the metallic object shot up into a cloud bank. The FAA tried to explain the incident away, first claiming it was the reflection of airport lights, then later saying it was simply a weather phenomenon. In contrast to some other countries, the US government has shown a pattern of not wanting to acknowledge the UFO issue, possibly because they don’t want to admit they lack control over their airspace, she noted.
Among the contributors to Kean’s book, UFOs on the Record, were Capt. Rodrigo Bravo Garrido who works for the Aviation Army of Chile (a country that is forthcoming about UFO information), as well as John Callahan who was the former head of Accidents and Investigations at the FAA. He reported on a 1986 incident in Alaska where a gigantic walnut-shaped object was witnessed by 3 pilots of a Japanese cargo plane for over 30 minutes. He was able to synchronize the radar with the voice recordings to match the pilot descriptions.
In regards to the Belgian UFO wave of 1989-90, the photographer who took a widely disseminated image of a hovering triangular craft is now claiming that he hoaxed it. Yet, “there were so many people who saw the object at other times…this [triangular] object was visiting Belgium for a year and a half and seen by thousands of people. There are 25 huge notebooks of data,” on the case, she detailed. Kean featured other significant UFO photographs in her book, such as the anomalous craft over Costa Rica in 1971, and a metallic object seen by the Brazilian Navy over Trinidade Island in 1958.

Note: All parts of the radio show are avaliable in this player below!

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  1. It's not just that the don't want to admit they can't control their airspace, it's that they don't want to admit that they have reverse engineered ET technology that they are not sharing with the rest of humanity. When it finally comes out what they are holding back from us they better in their secret spacecraft and fly to the moon because they will all be persona non grata on

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