UFO sighting over Laredo, Texas 23-Aug-2011

A lot of residents of Laredo in Texas saw an unknown bright light flying acros the night sky on Wednesday, 23rd August 2011 before 4 am.

More info in the videos!

Witness report: Around 2 A.M. this Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was seen for the second night in a row hovering around the south Texas area. The night prior to this event, there was a identical sighting that lasted for almost 3 hours. The object flies and hovers around the sky, flying left the changing course and going right. it seems as if the object has a stationary red and blue light, but two others that strobe and are far apart. About 2 hours after this video another object appeared, but my camera ran out of battery.
Author (abe375 @ youtube)

Pro 8 News about this UFO phenomenon

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