14th September 2011 UFO sightings in United States

Reports of UFO activity on Wednesday, 14th September 2011 are coming from at least three US states.

If you also experienced any strange activity, report it using this form.

KCAL 9 TV report about these sightings

ABC 15: Glowing Object Flies Across Phoenix Sky

Orange County, California UFO sighting from 14th September


16th September 2011 Update:

Strange lights appeared in the night sky above Ballinger, Texas on September 14


18th September 2011 Update:

8 News TV report about the mysterious glow lit up the sky Las Vegas, Nevada on September 14th.

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  1. Looking at the video, and having seen many meteors, I totally rule out the idea that the glowing object wa a meteor…also I do not see in the videos an object "streaking" across the sky. It seems to be a bright light wavering, zig-zagging from side to side…so if it was "streaking" then it was either flying towards the camera or away. Also, shooting stars do not normally

  2. Well we finally have some news coverage, now if they just keep reporting what were seeing then maybe disclosure will come very soon.

  3. Two saw UFO's over the ocean in Emerald Isle North Carolina…9/14/2011….two red glowing lights that would sometimes turn two one glowing red light…. was far away no photo or video available looked just like one of the videos above….keep believing because homie they are real

  4. It seems like theres UFO sightings everywhere, every day. I look @ the night sky every day. I havent seen anything, YET! Im pretty sure i will since i look @ the sky alot.

  5. The Hopi Indians of Orayvi on Third Mesa know what this was. It was the consciousness of Star Beings penetrating our reality.<br />Sowadi &quot;the shooting star&quot;

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