Daytime UFO activity over Denver, Colorado 22-Sep-2011

UFO videos – Daytime footage of fast objects flying across the sky over Denver, Colorado. This was recorded on Thursday, 22nd September 2011.
Witness report: This was recorded on the 22 of September 2011 about 2:00 pm. over south Denver Colorado. I was using a Redfield spotting scope at X60 times and a Casio camera in 210 frames per second video. So these objects are flying at a very high speed. This large object could be a possible clocked UFO huge ship right over head, it was invisible except for the edge of the craft as the Sun hit the edge. It was very hard to determine the exact size.. You have to a be the expert..
Author (magnetflipper @ youtube)

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  1. Is it possibly Saturn&#39;s rings?? I used PocketUniverse app, and set Denver as location, for 9/22/2011 around 2pm, and Saturn was South SouthEast, near the Sun. Thanks for the video, and please keep them coming. <br />Happy hunting,<br />RooneyRules

  2. Hey dude I think your awesome in what your doing um that line you see I noticed the same line on Saturday evening Around sunset wasen&#39;t moving tho didn&#39;t have my binoculars to get better sights.Also I had my 1st sighting on 4th of July ever since Have seen many like last week what looked like airplane lights to the eye,when I seen though binoculars there was about 6 sets of lights around

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