Huge craft was seen and recorded over Adelaide, Australia 25-Sep-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This craft was filmed hovering in the sky above Adelaide in Australia on Sunday, 25th September 2011.

Witness report: Filmed in Adelaide South Australia September 25 2011. Started of as 1 single light than until several lights could be seen. This thing was extremly bright when it wasn’t dimming, extremly large and very low to the ground before vanishing. About 45 minutes later there were a convoy of helicopters a couple planes and a military jet in the area and surrounding area scouring the sky until shortly after sunrise. I have never wittnissed such a display or anything like this before.
Author (gooseandscribe13 @ youtube)

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  1. Just helicopters?? These lights are not "Just helicopters". You never see a bunch of helicopters flying around a city the size of Adelaide in such a close formation.

  2. Yeah I see helicopters all the time here on the Gold Coast (QLD, Australia) and there's no way they'd be flying that close together. If they were somehow to appear close enough together in the distance the lights wouldnt be anywhere near that bright anyway.

  3. The question is whether this is ours or theirs. Seems to me that the whole thing was a planned operation by the army/air force. This is probably a new craft developed by the US at Pine Gap which they wanted to test in a populated area. The light near the ground was probably controlling the lights in the sky. The military activity after the incident proves that it was a military operation. I live

  4. I remember seeing a few helicopters that but a damn shame i didnt pull over to look up lol! But seriously.. we'd be stupid to think that we are the only living things in our galaxy..

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